No Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD for PS3 owners? reports: "When the PS3 hit the street it was recognized as one of the most full featured Blu-ray players to date, but it seem now that PS3 owners aren't getting everything they though they were. It has recently been uncovered that although the PS3 does have a HDMI 1.3 port it, does not support bit stream audio. What this means for Blu-ray fans is that when they finally pick up one of those new Onkyo receivers with HDMI 1.3, that they still can't enjoy Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD because there is no way to get the bits out of the PS3. Of course the DTS track can still be down mixed and PCM audio is supported, but so much for being the most capable Blu-ray player available."


** Dolby TrueHD can still be decoded inside the PS3 and sent as uncompressed audio to the AV receiver, but if the AV receiver has an integrated decoder it can't be used instead of the PS3's decoder. **

** This was confirmed by a Sony representative.**

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snoop_dizzle4491d ago

yeah one thing, how many people will be able to utilize HDMI 1.3?

In a year or 2 maybe, but for now this isn't such a big deal, unless you have a lot of money.

InMyOpinion4491d ago

How many people are able to utilize 1080p?

Firewire4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

This is a flat out lie!
Look at the posts in the original article as well.
And I use 1080p with HDMI 1.3 on my Bravia & Sony Home Theater

From Article Posts:
"Please, do some research before you post something like this. The PS3 can decode TrueHD into PCM now, and is expected to do so for DTS:MA as well. It's right there in the article you linked to."

I currently run the PS3 into my Sony home theater system,and
I'm getting True HD sound. It says it on the damn receiver even!
Does anyone verify anything here when they post? All you have to do
is look at the linked article, and it totaly disclaims this article!
Proving the point whoever wrote this doesn't have a clue!

bobbybrown4491d ago

another failed attempt to bash the ps3. It seems the 360 has so many bad news nowadays that they have to try to drag the ps3 into their sinking ship.

drtysouf214491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

That article is complete nonsense i to know this for fact. Have tested it myself. Read the comments on that article they are all saying he is wrong too and asking the Author to remove the story. I have posted a story on NG4 proving this wrong from Dolby's official website.

sabbath4204491d ago

thats not the point. The point is more smoke and mirror tactics by sony.

Bathyj4491d ago

We all know it doesn't upscale DVDs either.

Tell me this, does your PS3 sound GOOD? Then who cares.

peksi4491d ago

..because of these fictional news instead of facts. That's a shame but I find these entertaining anyway.

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consolecrusader4491d ago

rack one mroe up for the sony haters....finding any little crevis to bring the system down...

NewZealander4491d ago

as if sony fans dont find every little way possible to dog the 360!

you sony fans truely are a bunch of one sided fvckers

TheMART4491d ago


So actually all those crying Sony fanboys over the 360 Elite HDMI missing out on that great sound... You won't get it either

moahahaha most funny story I've read for a long time. If it would be used on the most setups gamers have at home and if they would hear the difference...

Anyhow I guess you'll have to do with 'sh!tty' sound then, right?

Black Republican4491d ago


: )

ahhh this great
and now alot of ppl will come on here and say it is not necessary for gaming
damn Sony Clowns

Sashy4491d ago

"Please, do some research before you post something like this. The PS3 can decode TrueHD into PCM now, and is expected to do so for DTS:MA as well. It's right there in the article you linked to."

bobbybrown4491d ago

waaaaaaaah i don't play my 360 anymore so i come here and troll !

nix4491d ago

let me refresh your rotten brain with this quote from this page:


This tread is about Mass Effect. No PS3 to be seen. And I don't care whats coming out for it. Plus, the best stuff is still mostly on the 360.

They should rename the PS3 to the PS Pippin"

so STFU!!! damn.. i can't even call you elite gamer.. because we all know you hate black and it's so 80s.. just like your avatar!

SmokeyMcBear4491d ago

its funny watching marty boy open is mouth and see utter crap coming out. Cmon mart, read the article, then maybe you won't look like such a tool

San anto4491d ago

on top of the ps3 it clearly states true HD dolby digital, why is it ny news is approved these days? *Reports*

Bathyj4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

He obviously lives for these "victorys" and had no other reason for living.

Mart is there any charity I can donate to that is doing research to find a cure for people like you, because I would gladly donate the price of a PS3 towards it if it would help. Hell maybe I should sell my EXbox too since it hasn't been turned on since I got a PS3 and donate that.

It would be worth it, selling a console and 20-25 games to get the mart out of our FKN lives.

Its funny how things like over 9GB of disc space, mandatory HD and 1080p among other things aren't "Neccessary" for games but this unsubstantciated story is so vital to gamimg.

Biphter4491d ago

My PS3 has a stamp on it saying "TRUEHD" with the official Dolby logo. I don't think they'd be able to put that on and get away with it legally if it was untrue. Another weird thing is how my receiver says its decoding Dolby True HD audio every now and then. Is it lying to me?

ER1X4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

I can't hear you...your foot is in your mouth.

grifter0244491d ago

HAHAHA holy cow Mart.... negative 20 feedback.. Crazyyyyy.... A lot of people dont like your comment .. You can be a supporter of anything but that is funny as h3ll....:) Its true your dam receiver has to be able to output the TrueHD sound... The ps3 isnt a dam receiver you have to connect the HDMI cable to a receiver to get the sound.. Good job though ... HAHA You all know that their is a thing called Mimic Audio .. You do know that right..??? My old 5.1 yamaha receiver.. use to do Mimic Audio to 6.1.. It sounded louder but wasnt the actual thing... Think of it as upconversion... for sound... But if you wanna think you got the actual "HD" sound then think you do.. HAHA funny.. That is still funny neg 20 awesome.....

FirstknighT4491d ago

I bet those 22 disagrees = 22 negative feedback. The reason why the sony duds hate him so much cuz he speaks the truth. And the truth sometimes hurts. And the best they can do is remove his bubbles. :)

Oh well, so much for the ps3 being one of the best players on the market, now it's average at best.

dantesparda4491d ago

(Or whatever the hell your name is) you're a bigger fool than Fart is. You wanna talk about not being able to handle the truth, yet you are the one unable to handle the truth now.

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marison4491d ago

... but is useful that all know this. This could be a advice to do not burn so much money in a TrueHD or DTS HD receiver.

conjurdevil4491d ago

wont stop me from playing games anyway!!!so blaah!! dont matter 2 me!