Final Fantasy Dissidia To Be Released For PSP

PSPFanboy reports: "By checking another part of the Square Enix website (namely the PSP section of the upcoming games list), we can see Dissidia nestled at the top, confirming our suspicions that it will definitely be coming to our favourite handheld. Check it out and see for yourself!"

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BlackIceJoe4183d ago

Well this is great news for the PSP. I just hope there are many other great things like this will come out on the PSP.

PS360WII4182d ago

but yeah I do believe the PSP is finally getting some good stuff. Some devs may feel it's a little late but still good news for PSP

[email protected]4182d ago

Good news 4 PSP owner Crisis Core and now Dissidia.... seriously a excellent news.

Sevir044182d ago

...finally, the psp Software portfolio is getting some serious love. i have to say that the psp has the worst software library ever. since it's inagural release in 2004 thats now three years later and it's finally picking up. even though it's selling well daily and monthly it's lack luster software and very fewly sprinkled games that are above 8 in rating makes it look like poo! it's getting better. R&C, Syphon filter, daxter, Wipeout, FF tactics advance, Valkrie profile:linneth. Street Fighter alpha, 2 megaman games, Monster hunter. now we have re releases of FF1 and 2, and crisis Core:FFVII, FF Dissidia XIII, Loco roco and now we have a sequel to wipeout pure, and there firste action killer app GOW: Chains of Olympia. Man it's line up is looking beatiful. with even Tekken made a debute on the psp. and next year a kingdom hearts will grace it.. man... this cant get any better. Now the value looks even more worth it. i like what sony is also doing as well with the ps1 titles playable on the psp, along with a Home intergration. not bad... the psp is a fabulous hardware, that just suffered from a 3 year slump of no really good games. only ones that are scattered about....

o.... holy crap i almost forgot about elder Scrolls:Travel n the psp from bethesda.... man go sony market your machine and do what you gotta do.

Garrison4182d ago

Thats funny, the worst software library ever? Dude even on gamespot witch is a completely sony hating site the psp has more aa and aaa titles than the DS. I suggest that if you have a psp you use it before you speak about the games.