New Apple Mac Ads take a shot at Windows Vista

New Apple Mac Ads take a shot at Windows Vista

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TriggerHappy4180d ago

Apple should expect a come back. YOu dont get away with nothing from Microsoft

Bonsai12144180d ago

they've been doing it for a year and a half now with no obvious comback from any pc camp

TriggerHappy4180d ago

Microsoft be scared ? *_*

Firewire4180d ago

Yeah, this has been going on for a long time now!
These adds are funny as hell!

Its true though, once you go Mac u never go back!
I love Apple computers!

PS360WII4180d ago

They'll do what they always do and be happy. The only reason why they target windows is becuse it's their only competition right. Is there another OS out there that is put in with freshly bought computers? Nope don't think so. Macs are pretty fun but it can be hard sometimes with this being a Windows world...

TriggerHappy4180d ago

Start worry about other competitors such as Linux. Starting later this year dell will start putting that OS on their system. It wont take of like a storm but it will be a great competitor.

_insane_cobra4180d ago

And this is "news for gamers" how?

TriggerHappy4180d ago

Categories that they have been placed in. You would know exactly why it has been posted.

Odion4180d ago

Whenever a company does a smear ad againt another be it Pepsi to Coke or Apple to MS it puts me off wanting to buy thier product because i don't want to use something where they need to do negative advertisement to get anywhere.

Plus Windows continues to grow and it is so unlikely that Apple will ever catch up considering that their comps suck for anything but media and music work.

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The story is too old to be commented.