Hour of Victory: New Video

All new video footage of Hour of Victory for the Xbox 360.

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hamburgerhill4234d ago

Well as tired as i am of these type of games I might just have to pick this one up!

Scrooge4234d ago

yeah, and the graphics are really starting to look detailed.

FCOLitsjustagame4234d ago

Yeah, someone official saying JUNE. This june is going to rock.
Forza and Shadowrun(ok technically may)
Call of Jaurez
Hour of Victory
Two worlds (if it makes it)
The Darkness.
A few others like Tenchu, fantastic 4 and transformers may be worth a look.

And that gameplay is what I am looking for, and what a tomb raider cant give me. I cant wait for june.

candystop4234d ago

This game is looking really good!

CompGeek4234d ago

Call me a WW2 nerd, I want it. Call me a physics nerd, I want it!

progx4234d ago

Ima ww2 nerd to but DAMN, its time for somethin new. How bout some new games set in the pacific? Or even axis campaigns?