No more CellFactor: Revolution for Xbox 360, new ported PC version possible on Xbox 360

Yesterday Immersion Software released the final trailer of it's newest game CellFactor: Revolution. The game was announced a few years ago for both PC and Xbox 360. In the trailer there was no sign of the Xbox 360 version and on both the CellFactor website and the Immersion website there is no more sign of the Xbox 360 version.

The guys over at Xbox 360 Only decided to contact Immersion Software, to see what the status on the Xbox 360 version is. A few hours later they received a response from Miguel Posada from Immersion Software. He states that CellFactor: Revolution will only be coming to PC on May 8th. This because the Reality Engine which the game uses only works on PC.

There wasn't all bad news though, because Posada says it is very likely the game will be ported and expanded and using a new engine, which made it possible for the game to come to Xbox 360. Pesoda personally is very eager to see the game coming to Xbox 360.

No official word on that possible port but CellFactor: Revolution will definitely not be coming to Xbox 360. The PC version is as of today available free for download on the official website. Read the full e-mail from Immersion after the jump.

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Tommie4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

To bad the game will not be coming to Xbox 360, seemed really awesome to battle on Xbox Live in an arena with those physics. Hope the ported version will be any good, IF it's true.

Black Republican4271d ago

yeah pwn3d - x360
and how about ps3? their is not even a mention of this game on a ps3 - PWN3D

techie4271d ago

Hm. You win some you lose some. The fact is the 360 has an amazing lineup this won't be missing a game at all.

sak5004271d ago

LOL.. I remember when deep(brown) started posting he was all polite and neutral and gained 9 bubbles then something bit him and he became sony rabid fanboy and lost most of his bubbles. Now he's going back to his neutral stance. I like it since i'm also trying to stay neutral as well. Enough with bashing the other party. Pls try to approve news which are useful for gamers and not specifically trying to downplay the competition. This is site for gamers not f$king fanbois fantasy fight club.

techie4271d ago

was being sarky sak ;) *joke*

Find a 360 bash from me...I'd love you to.

Odion4271d ago

You are honestly one of the only unbaised people on this site

The Real Joker4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Please take time to look at his comment history and you will see that is actually incorrect. Blind PS3 praise and 360 bashing. If you do not believe me thats fine just look at his post history. Doesn't take Columbo to find the truth. Although he was pretty good at it even with that glass eye.

Edit: to Deeps comment below "Try find a 360 bash anywhere?" Thats easy. Just look up your old screen name Deep Brown and its full of them. You have even been called out for it several times. Check the facts.

specialguest4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Quit crying over appreciation for Deep as though your "p^ssy hurts". Deep is one of the more neutral members here and we definately need more members like him.

techie4271d ago

Try find a 360 bash anywhere? I would never do such a thing. I will enter into a strong debate with other members...I enjoy a good rant with themart. But I shall not bash, I shall merely try and stretch my knowledge and hopefully inform others.

I study philosophy, so argument, evidence and neutrality is central to what I do. Yes I spend more on PS3 stuff...that's because I will own one and not a 360...and yes my attitude is possitive - but I'd rather be positive than negative.

My news posts will be good or bad for both sides, I will not soften anything to please any of you.

power of Green 4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

People do not have to directly bash to do damage people try to force their points of view on you and try to change popular opinions in the image they see things or want things. Its sneaky but clear as day what people are doing on this site its nothing more than a few Xbox news posters and an army of PS3 news posters acttacking the only way they can or know how. Only a fool would say what this guy does is not bias, its all pro Sony, anti MS post all day and when people start saying or thinking this guys hardcore Sony fanatic people/he will through just enough seemingly unbias bone throwing to keep people from talking or responding to the fanboyism.

Deeps is about as unbias as these guy below, and the changes on stances differ about is much as these two guys the only thing wrong with these pic's sequence is that Deep is more like S. H. than B. O.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4271d ago

"Posada says it is very likely the game will be ported and expanded and using a new engine, which made it possible for the game to come to Xbox 360."

bobbybrown4271d ago

No official word on that possible port but CellFactor: Revolution will definitely not be coming to Xbox 360.

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