Should Microsoft Acquire MLG? A Business Case Analysis.

Nation of Gamers takes a look at how it may benefit Microsoft and perhaps MLG if Microsoft was to aquire the professional gaming league. Some of the main points the article offers are that:

1) MLG content on XBox Live Marketplace.

2) Software promotion through MLG.

3) The real gaming expertise and credibility MLG brings to the table.

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bootsielon4492d ago

I don't know if it's about PC gaming only, or if it also involves consoles. But without PS3,PS2, GC, Wii, DS, PSP tournaments, there's not much reason to simply watch "Xbox 360" or "PC" tournaments if it is called "MLG". Shouldn't it be called "MLX360" then?

I'm against this. All professional gaming should involve all consoles, and focus on gaming, regardless of the platform.

Mattey4492d ago

Halo 2 is the only reason its still around, i love mlg

Lyberator4492d ago

there all xbox games anyway so whats the difference

Clinton5144492d ago

Amusing. Clan ladders were fun when site creators actually cared about the community rather than making their monthly banner click quota.

Diselage4492d ago

This is a bit bigger than those little ladder sites, check out the events they have.

grifter0244492d ago

Yes There really is no point in acquiring MLG....All it really is is Halo2.. It's starting to get more games involved but their really is no point... Mlg content on Marketplace...?? Right .. Ok that right there means they no nothing about MLG... Software sales thru MLG.. Right .. If that happens I would think MLG sold out and I would go to another league.. Their is no point in this acquisition.. Just let them be doing what their doing right now.. But it really is just about Halo2 ..

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