Exclusive: PS3Land Interviews Play Ten Studios!

PS3Land has had the honour of conducting an exclusive Q&A with Play Ten, creators of The Wall.

The game, currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2008, takes a unique approach the the well-established first person shooter genre, with improved graphics, better AI and physics, and a brand new weapon system.

TheMART6179d ago

If you think Gears of War is lame, I think your newsitem is lame. Even better, is so much better then ps3land.

TiTuS6178d ago

N4Gamers gives more reviews, previews, etc about all games coming out in the future and ps3land is a PS3 only site , i think

Dustin_c_miller20086179d ago

i like any website that gives me gaming news but this is my favorite you get to read about everything on this site.

TiTuS6178d ago (Edited 6178d ago )

This all sounds nice but how will the site remain to be at the top, well it should not stop with what its currently doing cause N4gamers is very nice indeed

NoUseMerc6178d ago

PS3land just specializes in reporting PS3 news. We are not biased as we post anything related to the PS3. Someday we may move into doing things on the PSP and other Sony products. I like News4gamers although it is not all strickly the editors and journalists more that its just a news compilation like . And as soon as PS3 games start coming out we are going to update the review page. We actually are only about 65% done with the back end source coding for PS3land. We are going to launch everything here in a few months before the launch of the PS3. Then we will be up there as #1 for PS3 news.