Interview: Forza Motorsport 2

Microsoft's preview event at the Raceway Docklands allowed Eurogamer to get its hands on Forza Motorsport 2. First though, there was an opportunity to sit down with the series Game Director, Dan Greenawalt.

Eurogamer: You mention that you want this game to a wide audience, and turn gamers into car lovers and vice versa. How do you intend to do that? Is there a formal driving tutorial in the game, for example?

Dan Greenawalt: There's not a formal driving tutorial in the game. I believe that the real way you're going to get people to learn is by getting them engaged, getting them excited, getting them passionate about what they're doing. So when I look for inspiration in games I don't look to other racing games, frankly. One of the biggest inspirations for the original Forza Motorsport which has now carried over into Forza Motorsport 2 was Pokémon, just because it's a great game.

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