160° & Killzone '2' Info In The Coming Months

KillZoneUnit reports that this morning, has finally re-launched with unlockables for Killzone Liberation for the PSP, as well as other cool goodies.

Guerrilla Games's Seb "motherH" Downie explains the update and hints about the arrival of new Killzone PS3 info.

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techie4184d ago

:P Uncharted blow out soon as well :)

Firewire4184d ago

Deep how far away do u think in game footage is?
Do you think we might see some finally at E3?

calderra4184d ago

Hope so. It'd be only 2 years late at that point. You gotta start somewhere.

techie4184d ago

FOr Killzone at E3...possibly before (only going by rumours) may see some screenshots.

As regards Uncharted you will be seeing something every month - more info, maybe interviews, screenshots. Whether there will be ingame footage within the next month is uncertain though...but as one of the devs said recently "the release date is racing upon us so it won't be too far away..." - I'll post that news item a bit later on ;) work to do at the mo.

Maddens Raiders4184d ago

this game has my synapsis buzzing with anticipation. Personally, from what I'm reading, I think it's going to be a monster. ISA vs. Helghast forever.


Bill Gates4184d ago

My badness!t I just got the biggest urge to fuk my girl.


Maddens Raiders4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I got censored man. Thanks dude. Ok, back to the 'ol school virtuoso.

8 - no prob snoop. I hope they take as long as possible on this title. After this long I don't even care anymore. Just make it as perfect as possible.

snoop_dizzle4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

really i don't know what to think about killzone 2.

I mean the first one wasn't that good, but i think its possible this one will be good, if they improved upon the last game.

I wonder if it will be released soon since we have barley seen any "in game footage" like a walk through or something. Like they did with Lair.

Sure i guess its possible for the game to look like that, I'm not denying that, but considering we saw in game stuff from lair before the game came out, I'm wondering if Killzone 2 will even come out this summer. And its possible for the game to look like that, but will the actual game look like that?

calderra4184d ago

Here's a quick review of the case history:
EVERY. SINGLE. GAME....that Sony showed at the infamous CGI-laden e3 '05 that's actually been released since then has gotten graphical downgrades comapred to those videos. Every single game not released yet, but which has shown real gameplay, has been similarly downgraded.

Logically, then, we're left with only one conclusion about whether or not Killzone will match its trailer. It is possible, perhaps. Likely? Hell no.

synLamont4183d ago

F1 championship and R:FoM doesn't look they were downgraded hell not even GTHD so WTF are you talking about?

TheExecutive4183d ago

For one thing, your logic is flawed. Just because what has come before fails, doesn't mean what is to come will...

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The story is too old to be commented.