MIG: Top 5 Great Games With Bad Endings

MyInsideGamer writes: It is shocking how many games fail to deliver at the most important part. Yes folks, we're talking about the end. How can a game that offers great gaming throughout the entire campaign let us down at the part we're most looking forward to? Here's our list:"

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swiftshot934437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

Assassin's Creed
Prince of Persia
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2

Also, Assassin's Creed 2 will probably be a GOTY 09 contender, but seeing as how its a Ubisoft game, the ending will also be dissappointing.

Edit (below): Come on dude. It felt so forced, and it ended so fast and abruptly. It was tacky and even though the game was amazing, the ending just didnt fit with the rest of the game.

vflhp4437d ago

I can't find a fault in your list besides Fallout 3. I thought it was a great ending :D

GWAVE4436d ago

Goodness. You're absolutely right with Bioshock. I'm amazed it wasn't included on the list. For such a fun game with a great twist, the ending was pathetic. A 30-second video clip? Whoop-dee-doo!

And you're also right about Fallout 3. Bethesda promised over 300 ending variations that would change depending on what you did in almost every location, but I guess I'm the only guy who remembers them saying that MULTIPLE times about 1/2 a year before the game came out.

typikal824436d ago

I couldn't agree more with Bioshock a truely epic story and twist and then a LAME final boss and a lame video

ReservoirDog3164436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

The ending of Bioshock wasn't that bad. The ending boss was pretty bad though. It was like it was from another game.

But, let me get this straight. They're saying HL2 had a worse ending than Halo 2? I remember when I finished Halo 2 I replayed the last level again cause I thought I skipped the last cutscene. That's how sudden and unfulfilling that ending was. That's one the reasons why I never played Halo 3; cause 2 ended so badly.

And this list is terrible for even thinking HL2 had any faults.

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Megaton4436d ago

Whenever I think of bad endings, I think of Metal Gear Solid 2. An ending so bad, that I didn't give MGS3 a chance until a couple years after it came out.

Unicron4436d ago

What was so bad about it?

I think the biggest flaw was that the scene leading up to it was butchered due to 9/11. (Though I understand why)

Megaton4436d ago

I hated how they tried to turn it into this colossal mindf*ck, and I thought the whole thing just crawled entirely way too far up its own ass.

Madis0074436d ago

Half Life 2 bad ending and Fallout 3 was good ending? WTF?

Fallout 3 ending: You did evrything but still it was useless.. Now you dead and you never gonna be alive.

Go Gaming Giant4436d ago

ye Fallout 3 had a pretty week ending

No FanS Land4436d ago

I wouldn't put assassin's creed ending as bad. Granted it pisses off because you see some new guys that talk, then you're left on your own, with new questions unanswered. BUT as far as story went for this game, I was pretty much captivated by both sides (altaïr and desmond) and this ending left me wanting more for the sequel.

However a game that finishes in a way where you think there can't be a sequel, and then, woopa! magically, the story wasn't finished and then there's a new story cooked up only to try to catch on the original IS lame. The best example would be FFX-2, Hey what the F!ck !! There is not any credible connection between both games.

vflhp4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

BTW AC2 has nothing to do with the first one, which will leave the questions still unanswered.

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