Read the Koran on PlayStation

Muslim gamers worldwide will soon be able to mix praying with playing after the creation of a Koran which can be downloaded onto PlayStation portable consoles.

Student Ikhwan Nazri Mohamad Asran, 21, designed the software after seeing a similar version of the Bible.

"They did the Bible, so why not do the Koran ... This application can help younger people to read the Koran," Ikhwan said Tuesday.

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P4KY B4488d ago

Why would they buy a PS3?
Maybe they could dismantle it and use it for an improvised explosives timer.
JOKE, please dont issue a fatwa against me.

Saint Sony4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Joke or not, stupid nevertheless...but I rise the bar with being even more stupid.

Koran for PS3? It might beat most of the available game titles :P

Firewire4488d ago

Radical Muslims are stuck in the dark ages maybe!
But 99% of muslims aren't! Don't interpret CNN news
or American news as fact! It smells of racism!
Gaming, Politics & Religion have no business together,
but this isn't bad as it isn't any kind of propaganda!
I applaud this guy for doing this.

techie4488d ago

Yuh my Dad, Step-mum and lil bro are all watch it dude.

kmis874488d ago

Fundamentalist Muslims, i.e. Muslims who believe in the divine origin and infallibility of the Koran, make up the majority of Muslims and they are indeed stuck in the dark ages.

Unlike Christianity, Buddhism, and even Judaism, Islam rejects pacifism, and the idea that a secular life can ever exist, and that everything that a Muslim does must be for Allah. Islam also has a religious legal system and various laws, shariah, that must be enforced by any Muslims. These include executing apostates, stoning adulterers, beheading homosexuals, and many other things that we would all consider barbaric and "from the dark ages."

Until any mainstream Muslim movement explicitly rejects the idea of Koranic infallibility, these ideas and practices will remain mainstream, and the religiou will be stuck in the dark ages.

Scythesean4488d ago

You all have the right to be offened NOT the opposite. A lot of people hate and dislike the Muslims for many reason. Just like they hate America.

We don't hear about Americans strapping bombs to children and themselves to kill innocent people all the time. So making fun about them doing it to a PS3 isn't Racist, it is a point of view that many agree with. Just like when people say rednecks are imbreed morons, it's a point of view. Racist doesn't exsists in Nature is is simply something made up by people to be hateful at those that are hateful towards them without making it look that way.

techie4488d ago

"We don't hear about Americans strapping bombs to children and themselves to kill innocent people all the time."

No but I hear about American governments going around bombing middle eastern countries. I hear of shootings in America all the time. I also hear of shootings in the UK, and our government bombing other countries as well. I hear of all the Christain wars.

Some of you guys are up yourselves, and really bashing the Koran like this is just stupid. It makes me feel slightly sick to be honest.

InMyOpinion4488d ago

I really agree with you there Deep. The ignorance is overwhelming. For all you who believe christianity is better than islam, watch a little movie called Jesus camp. To me religion is a poison. It turns people into sheep. I don't see school shootings as being more civilized than suicide bombings...

Diselage4488d ago

Wow, Who stil believes that the MAJORITY of Muslims are bombers or fanatical. There are no more fanatical Muslims than Christians. The fanatical Christian generally don't attack the west though so they don't get reported on. I can't fathom anyone actually still believing that any more than a minority (extreme minority) of muslims are fanatical people who want to hurt others in the name of their faith.

News Alert: Jews started, Christians built upon it, and the Muslims continued it. Majority of the world believes all originated from the same school of thought.

kingofps34488d ago

I am very much looking forward to the release of this free software to read the Koran on my PLAYSTATION 3. I always wanted to see all gamers united in someway and never bring any of this religious conflicts into the gaming world.


Please STOP this ill stereotype against ALL Muslims (this goes to everyone with religious agendas on

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

that`s completly uncalled for.
you should be ashamed of your self.
even YOU know you shouldn`t have said that.
joke or not.
make those jokes w/ your friends if you must.
not on here please.

are you talking to me?

brodels4488d ago

people can make whatever they want for the ps3, what do you care? you don't see anyone complaining about all the crappy bible games that have come out over the years.

Scythesean4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Again he can say what he wants, joking or not you don't like it don't read it or make your own statement. But telling him he should not have posted it is wrong on it's self he has every right to say what he thinks.

Update to 2.3

Umm... He can say whatever he wants about anything. Doesn't matter if you like it or not. Games, Movies, and whatever he wants. Now if he gets banded because of it that a different matter. The Koran isn't a Game it is a book of their god so hence that is what this topic is about like it our not how it is talked about.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

seriously look at this board.
people do not need to be vocalizing their racial views on here.
if you think they do that`s twisted.
what if some kids on here are muslims and (OH MY GOD)not terrorists.
personally, i don`t think has a place HERE.
like i said talk about w/ your friends if you must.
but that`s just my opinion.

and He can say whatever he thinks about GAMES.

techie4488d ago

No AM is referring to P4KY B comment - not this news.

P4KY B4488d ago

An evil empire which promises eternal happiness to all its followers. Yet never deliver upon those promises.
Whos brainwashed hordes believe in every word uttered by its fanatical leaders. Even when their lies are found out the hordes just shout heresy.

and thats just Sony.

techie4488d ago

hmm...I'll take that dark humour of a strange pensive way *backs off slowly keeping eye contact* ;)

(ps. you can say that about any religion...including atheism ;) )

Firewire4488d ago

Dude you got it all backwards!
The evil empire is MS! Get your facts straight!
You want proof....(in no particular order)
MS-You don't need HDMI (then gives you old HDMI 1.2)
MS-You don't need a hard drive, then makes a console with one
MS-You don't need 1080p, then claims the 360 can do it!
MS-You don't need a larger Hard drive, then gives you an add on at
$180 when it costs maybe $50!
MS-You don't need blu-ray, but a ton of dev's say you do!
MS-Screw Epic & free maps, were charging you 800 points!
MS-Were next gen, but then had to come up with the Elite
wich still isn't next gen!
MS-You can't do online gaming with dedicated servers without charging,
but Sony does it! And MS rapes you for $50 a yr with a lag invested
no dedicated servers online service!

P4KY B4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )


I understand what you are saying about Atheism.
Right now (until PS3 manufacturing costs reduce) both Atheism and Sony are Non-Profit organizations.

and Firewire.

Please pick up your rattle.

trane074488d ago

Before you tell anyone to pick up their "rattle" first you need to stop sucking on the "MS" pacifier.

P4KY B4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

trane07 have I mentioned MS once? No

I think the humour in this thread has gone way over your head. I would take the time to explain it to you but i just cant be bothered.

Why don't you take your PS3 and align it in an easterly direction then prostrate yourself in front of it. Only then might the explanation magically present itself to you.

Firewire4488d ago

P4KY B: You made the above quote about Sony! Whats wrong don't like
that stuff thrown back in your face. Your fanboy tactics and racism
make you out to be a little uninformed child. No rattles here idiot.
People like you ruin humanity, the species as a whole will never advance
until your type of attitude gets weaned out by evolution! You are no better than terrorists with that attitude, so go shave your head and get a swastika tattoo (if you don't already have one)and crawl back into that hole of yours, its clear you do not belong with the rest of society!

P4KY B4488d ago

Humanity is ruined by religion (christian evangelists are almost as bad as Muslims)and once logic takes over then this world will be a wonderful place.

Religions the world over are loosing influence and dying.
Eg. F*** Jesus / Allah / Buddha / Odin
200 years ago i would be burnt at the stake for saying that.
100 years ago i would be an outcast
Today nobody cares.

Left wing liberal whingers like yourself are a major problem. You are like Hitler appeasers before the second world war. Sticking your head in the sand or just too scared to say what needs to be said. Afraid you might offend someone.

And as you have no bubbles left then i have the last say.
Go back to Folding you Leftie Sony B****.

techie4488d ago

Atheist government - Stalin. Huge war. Swings in round abouts. Although I agree...bashing the belief system is wrong unless you do so in a logical far you haven't shown any of that.

Keyser4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

I'll go ahead and reply...

You should say F*** to anyones religion just because you don't agree with it. I would say F*** you because I don't agree with you. Religion has taught me that its not appropiate in any context.

Extremist are wrong regardless what's driving them. Still, the Muslim religion is not extreme. It can be interpreted that way but so can anyone's views. This dude can make a Koran program running on his PS3 and shouldn't be chastised about it. Quit watching the news and go out and learn for yourself. Actually, take somebody with you, yoo could use the guidance.

I'll be the religious guys who stands up and says I care. You're being disrespectful and you should keep that to yourself.

This is a gaming site, lets focus on games.

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Maddens Raiders4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

is right. If Islam is so righteous why hasn't any Muslim of any real Largesse or Power around the World stepped up and called these slaughterers of innocence out for what they really are? When people are wrong people usually speak out against it. But the only people that do (seemingly) are non - muslims. I don't know any "unleaded" muslims, so I can't speak for the peaceful. What I do see are the ones who claim the religion and practice it with a hateful fervor against all that I know and love.

Let's see...... deprive oneself of all that's "worldly". No music, no dance, no singing, no "playing" nothing. That's would bea ll fine if you want to live that way, but NO - we've got to make everyone on the freakin' Earth believe in this same madness that we do -- or we kill them - splendid, eh?. But if we blow up these wicked wicked infedels because a book told us to then we will go live with 70 something freaking virgins? Makes sense right? WTF?

Al-Quaeda & terrorists in general (any race) = Cowards, cowards, cowards. The real brainwashed morons strap on bomb-belts like loyal Hitler youth and blow up places where hard core warriors hang out. You know...bus stops, pizzarias, elementary schools, office buildings.....while the "leaders" sit in mosques or caves or downtown apartments scheming and looking for more "recruits" to carry out their bloody dirty work. Idiots. All of these people need to get laid -- Bad - the leaders are.

Look me in the eye and fight. Don't press buttons on cell phones and then prostrate to Mecca to wash away your depraved sins. Ridiculous. And keep it off of my PS3. Note to all Europeans and non-fundamentalist Muslims: You are being lulled to sleep Morons. Stop appeasing and are all filthy INFEDELS - there is no in between -- And you will be killed if you are not aware, period. Believe it. Know your enemy. Fight Terrorism.


Kastrol4488d ago

dude calm down

terrorists are terrorists no matter what ever they preach

nazi or al-quaeda

killing innocent people on a bus or train is wrong

Islam is a religon of peace and dont think we are happy about these crazy fundamentalists it just spreads hate with comments like yours and thats the sad part

kmis874488d ago

5.1 A ton of people say that Islam is a religion of peace. No one I've ever argued against has ever said why. "Religion of peace" is a meaningless buzzphrase.

5.0 The use of the word "fundamentalist" to describe jihadist Muslims is a misnomer. As commonly understood, fundamentalism in religion refers to a belief in the divine origin and infallibility of a religious text. In Christianity, fundamentalism makes up a vocal minority. In Islam it makes up the vast, over 99%, majority. Also, the European (and I assume, American) Muslims you refer to, many of whom are fully integrated in western civilization and believe in the ideas of liberalism (natural human rights which must be respected by government, separation of church and state, equality, not "liberalism" as in liberal in the common western political usage of the word) as much as any other westerner would be called "apostates" and not infidels.

There are two types of jihad: Jihad against apostates-a duty for all Muslims, naturally resulting in the public execution of the apostate-and the jihad against infidels-kaffirs-which takes the form of warfare by able bodied male Muslims against the armies of nonMuslim countries. When these infidel countries are defeated in battle, the Muslims would conquer them and convert the population to Islam, for Christians and Jews force them into dhimmi status with reduced legal rights and extra taxes, or enslave the men and make concubines of the women a practice dating back prior to Muhammad, used by Muhammad, and practiced until European imperialism outlawed it throughout the Middle East. This interpretation of jihad, which, to its credit, never included the wanton murder of noncombatants, was the main interpretation of jihad from Muhammad's time until imperialism, and was in practice by Muhammad, the patriarchal caliphate, all the way through 16th centuries, conquering Spain and laying siege to Vienna in its heyday. So, Islam is not a terrorist religion, but it is certainly not a religion of peace by any stretch of the imagination.

techie4488d ago

"over 99%" - that makes me feel ill also.

I can't believe how many rightous people we have on this site.

kmis874488d ago

Quoting from Bernard Lewis: "It has now become normal to describe these movements as fundamentalist. The term is unfortunate for a number of reasons. It was originally an American Protestant term, used to designate certain Protestant churches that differed in some respects from the mainstream churches. The two main differences were liberal theology and biblical criticism, both seen as objectionable [by fundamentalists]. Liberal theology has been an issue among Muslims int he past and may be agin in the future. It is not at the present time. The literal divinity and inerrancy of the Qur'an is a basic dogma of Islam, and although some may doubt it, none challenge it."

When I claim that 99% of Muslims are "fundamentalists," I apply the same concept of what makes Christians fundamentalist: rejection of liberalism and the rejection of human origins, and therefore possible faults, of scriptures (or the Qur'an). Since Muslims hold the Qur'an to be the infallible, timeless word of God, and not an account written by a disciple or written by Muhammad, then the word fundamentalist applies to most Muslims.

Fundamentalism is not the same as terrorist, or even violent. That meaning comes from Western misuses of the word (because Muslims sure didn't call themselves that before we started to). I just think that fundamentalism is a hindrance to positive reform, which the western religions have undergone and Islam hasn't, resulting, I believe, in the schism between Islam and Christianity and Judaism over the idea of liberalism.

Diselage4488d ago

kmis87 you make me sick. 99%? Go read a book and learn about what your talking instead of just listening to the propaganda thats on the nightly news. If you've even reach the age of 13 i would be surprised you've been able to maintain this sort of ignorance.

chitown4488d ago

dude honestly ur a fu(kin ignorant fat @ss pig. before u freakin go making conclusions on the muslims and islam, know learn the religion first. dont spew BS from ur god damn mouth if u dont know what ur talking about. thats like me saying that vietnamese kid who killed 33 people in Vtech is just like every ordinary christian. so learn the religion before u make ur stupid little judgement

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