FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Hands-on

There's no genre of game more divided and sub-divided than the racer. With everything from real-driving sims to combat-car games and getaway titles, there's little original left to do to stand out on shelves. Innovation is even more difficult in a genre essentially focussed on something as basic as guiding a solid block around a course. Quite simply, they are running out of worthwhile new additions to the humble driving game.

Bugbear, the Finnish developers of Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, seem to be well aware of this and, instead of concerning themselves with unnecessary novelty, have focussed on a 'greatest hits' approach to game design. But rather than just taking the best elements from across the genre and mimicking them, Flatout: Ultimate Carnage has also concentrated on what is missing from so many great driving titles. Taking a look at what this game is not is perhaps the easiest way to understand what it is.

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