Miyamoto: Fewer people are interested in playing Zelda

Legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told Entertainment Weekly that he believes Twilight Princess didn't do well in Japan because there are fewer and fewer people interested in playing big RPGs.

When asked his opinion on why Zelda isn't doing well in Japan, Miyamoto replied, "Well, I think a lot of people who bought the Wii are not necessarily the types of people who are interested in playing that kind of game. And a lot of the people who would want to play it [due to chronic shortages of the console] can't find a Wii! But mostly, I think it's that there are fewer and fewer people who are interested in playing a big role-playing game like Zelda."

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Evil Rant Monkey4275d ago

This did come out on Gamecube as well. I don't think that there would be any shortages of those around. I really enjoy Zelda. But I really enjoy using my 360 controller. None of this flailing your arms around shet. And those Gamecube controllers... please. People love playing LARGE RPG, however, not so much on the Wii.

PS360WII4275d ago

Don't be messing with the prefect controler that is called the GC controler ^.-

seriously though it was prefect all the buttons were where they should be and you hardly had to do anything to get done what you wanted to get done.

calderra4275d ago

The Gamecube controller was only perfect for Zelda- it was not right for action or fighting games because of the unbalanced buttons. Sometimes even access to all buttons is needed. The Z shoulder was also an oddity. Why in the world didn't they at least mirror it instead of just leaving it there by itself? The controller needed a touch of fine-tuning. Good, but not perfect.

midgard2294275d ago

it was horrible for action games or fighting games (not smash bros thats a partty game) it was to uncomfortable. in my opinion the D-pad was way to tiny, like it was made for a 5 year olds hand making it hard to put commands in without hittin forawrd or down at same time.

ps2 controller is perfect to me, especially for action and fighting games, the buttons are at easy access to all your fingers and no other button gets in its own way like the power button on the 360 controller lol, argh that big button.

360 controller is great too, they just need to make that huge button smaller cuz sometimes when i play DOA4 i hit that button when i try to counter quick lol.

calderra4275d ago

Yeah, it's the gamers' fault, Miyamoto. Your game was perfect in every way, and it's only unfortunate that we as mere human beings weren't able to appreciate that.

It doesn't have anything to do with the flailing and sometimes frustratingly unresponsive Wii controls, the fact that the game was better on the Gamecube (which kovenator rightly pointed out didn't have shortages), or that the game stars a sexually ambiguous cyber-kat and you face digitally pixellated enemies that break up the classic Zelda imagery with weird Psychonauts -esque oddity....

No, it's just our fault that we've moved on from "big role-playing games".
Meanwhile, I'll just be playing Oblivion on 360.

rbanke4275d ago

I own Zelda for wii and I have to say i dont like it. I dont like changing into a dog, I dont like the controls and the beginning was very tedious to me. For some reason im playing the nes and snes Zelda's on wii more than the wii version. Could the reason for less than expected sales have anything to do with other people feeling like i feel? ;)

ChickeyCantor4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

you do realize that JAPANESE people have other feelings for games then european or american people have right?

Hayabusa 1174275d ago

Apperently, if you read the article, the Japs didn't seem to lap it up for some reason.

snoop_dizzle4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

in japan they arent all over Zelda.
I love Zelda, I liked Twilight Princess though it wasn't super good, and Ocarina of Time is like one of my favorite games of all time.

Sad to hear that.

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The story is too old to be commented.