Update: Estimated Production Costs 6 months old

According to DigiTimes, research firm iSuppli estimates that the $599 PS3 costs $840.35 to produce and Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite, by contrast, is estimated to cost just $323.30.

However, iSupply have recenlty responded that the $323.30 figure applies to the $399 Xbox 360, NOT the new Xbox 360 Elite.

The research firm also points out that those estimates are about six months old.

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techie4487d ago

oooh no ones interested now lol. It's more expensive to make the elite (presumed since HDMI and HD, even though board has been improved) and PS3 is certainly cheaper even though the components have remained the same (in US) because of ramped up production, and even cheaper in PAL regions. Expect cost to be $700 and $620 respectively. (making profit in PAL region on every console sold...)

NikV34487d ago

so that means they're probly cheaper now. was this article supposed to be in microsofts defense?

Firewire4487d ago

Deep just out of curiosity whats the difference cost wise
between HDMI 1.2 & 1.3? Have you seen that breakdown anywhere,
I am still confused as to why MS choose 1.2 instead of 1.3,
for the Elite.

This is good news, PS3 price drop might show up sooner than expected!

calderra4487d ago

HDMI v1.3 is superior in every way, but is only implemented on a tiiiiny fraction of HDTVs. And the 1.3 standard causes problems on 1.2 connections, including a buzzing sound on the audio, from what I've heard.

That's why.

techie4487d ago

Hm I wouldn't expect it would be too much. But you have to stop thinking like a consumer, and start thinking like a company who has to make millions of these products. $1 more expensive turns into $1million lost for every 1million consoles sold. The 360's price is so competitive for what it is, because they shaved off everything possible to keep the price down...a cent here, a cent there.

I expect HDMI 1.3 is about $4 more expensive. Which is a massive saving, if the gains aren't significant for going 1.3

Firewire4487d ago

Thanx, for the info.
I just found it curios, because I was shopping for a
new HDTV (not for gaming) for a spare bedroom, and everything
coming out now in Canada (T.V's) is HDMI 1.3! \
I asked about about 1.2 at one store, and he said I can check
if we have any stock left over from last year. lol!

techie4487d ago

they havent really reached over here (neither have 1080p HDTV's either really)...if so they are very expensive. I want to get a Samsung...and they are only 1.2 :(

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bootsielon4487d ago

Well, I knew all that, and I told it on the last thread. Why didn't anyone listen? "It has to be on the internet. If it IS there, it MUST be true!!!11".

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