IGN: Xbox 360 Price Cut Catalog Round-Up


"Microsoft has yet to make any official announcement regarding a price cut for the XBox 360. Many believed the company would try and steal a little of Sony's thunder at gamescom last week when the Playstation 3 Slim was revealed along with a new $299 price point."

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Peter North5144d ago

I see they haven't fixed the RROD yet.

36T5144d ago (Edited 5144d ago )

You must be blind then. Get outta you fvckin troll. Go play all those awesome games you have on your PS3rd. The AA flops like Fat Princess, Killzone 2 and inFAMOUS. Two ARCADE titles on XBL destroy those games. Trials HD and Shadow Complex and they're only $15 each compared to those two $60 flops i mentioned above.

Buu buuuu buuu THE GRAPHICS!! lol

Dark Collosis5144d ago (Edited 5144d ago )

I see sony still in last place this generation even after being the leader for 2 generations prior. I see the PS3 is still being outperformed by more than 90% of the multiplatform games out.. Know wonder they had to cut $300.00 off the price in less than 3 years....
Man it must feel butt hurt to lose more than $100.00 a year in value on that PS3........ No wonder your so butt hurt.

I Call 9MM5144d ago

If Microsoft really wants to compete, they have to sell the 360s for less than the PS3, not at the same price. Don't scrap the Pro! They should keep the Pro, and the Elite. Scrap the Arcade model. Price has to stay under the PS3 by a wide margin.

i3eyond the Circle5144d ago

I disagree. I'm not in the minority who believe that if the 360 evens up with the Ps3 in price that it will effect sales.

Because even before hand I didn't believe it was the price of the Ps3 that was that made its sales lower than the 360 in key areas.


The 7 Best Video Game Trailers of All Time

There's been a lot of great video game trailers over the years, but here's Chit Hot's picks for the seven best produced so far.

-Foxtrot2d ago

I never even knew this existed, I love him, he was fantastic

Just a shame that he passed away, I always wanted to see if they did one more Bottom live when they were older to send the characters off if he was still alive. I'd have loved to go and see it.

CantThinkOfAUsername21h ago

@LordoftheCritics that's my kind of list! I'd only add Halo Wars 2 and For Honor.

Rocketisleague20h ago

Versus Xiii original trailer, I was literally a kid back then. Shame it was quite disappointing on release


-Foxtrot2d ago

Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelation had some great cinematic trailers, the latter using Woodkids Iron. Even Assassin Creed Unity had a trailer when they used another Woodkid song which was decent.

Tomb Raider Underworld had a really good reveal trailer showing Croft Manor in ruins but showed it in reverse.

The Last of Us Part II reveal with Ellie singing Through the Valley and also the TV Sport where she sang a cover of True Faith.

The Witcher 3s A Night to Remember trailer which they basically turned into the games Epilogue set after the Blood and Wine expansion. He told Orianna he'd come back for her and he did.

Halo 3 Starry Night. Short but effective.

The Callisto Protocol launch trailer. The game might not be amazing but the launch trailer was well done and the theme song to the game "Lost Again" by Kings Elliot was beautiful

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, great trailer and really gave off that mystery, conspiracy vibe

Uncharted 4 Man Behind the Treasure

Deathloop Launch trailer with Pitch Black and the official gameplay trailer with Déjà Vu, two great songs made for the game.

isarai1d 16h ago

Never even played the game but AC Revelations CGI trailer I saved in my PS3 and would rewatch on a regular basis, and used it as a reference for calibrating TVs when I bought them

eagle211d ago

Grand Theft Auto Vice City back in the day, The Uncharted series trailers have been awesome (always get me hyped), Grand Theft Auto 5, Breath Of The Wild reveal trailer, Team ICO trailers have heart and Ghost Of Tsushima reveal made my jaw drop....to name only a small few.

TheEnigma3131d ago

Gears 1 and gears 3 are the top for me. I would throw dante's inferno in there for the song

Hofstaderman1d ago

Mass Effect 3 trailer featuring the battle. Enough said. That and Assassins Creed 3 cinematic trailer was great too.