Square Enix reveals Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Square Enix has decided to open the official website of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Although only the flash intro is available, it does give us a bit of new information:

· 'Dissidia' is indeed Final Fantasy title, but not a Final Fantasy XIII spin-off as rumors suggested.

· Tetsuya Nomura is in charge of Character Design.

· The game logo is revealed.

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bootsielon4492d ago

Original, Cellphone, Versus, Haeresis and now.. Dissidia?

kewlkat0074492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

too many spin-offs, what else is new?....While I still like JRPG's, I find myself liking Western/European RPG's more and more.

Something is happening in the Japanese gaming culture and I don't think it's good for Japan. They are stuck on "games for japan only"

Observer4492d ago

About the JRPG thingie, squeenix is producing a new RPG, The Last Remnant, taking into account the North American audience.

But let's hope Squeenix can pull all these projects decently, and not rush them up. I don't recall anytime where they had this number of games in production.

omansteveo4492d ago

They are milking the FF name for all its worth it might take some of the excitement out of what FF used to be, when everything they are releasing is a ff game

Counter_ACT4492d ago

Who cares? The games are great fun. Its not "milking" its a different storyline with different characters all happening in a different way. Mario and Zelda are milking. Final Fantasy VII compiliation is milking, making a new Final Fantasy PSP title is not.

Im glad they're making one properly and I hope its not sprites. PSP needs more good games.

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The story is too old to be commented.