Top 5 Most Epic Gaming Moments This Generation

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at the top 5 most epic moments in gaming this generation. Videos included.

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Nakerman4316d ago

Would You Kindly is probably my favourite moment, love it.

massivedribbles4316d ago

I couldn't agree with you more! Would you kindly became my favorite phrase ever since.

locos854316d ago

Where is the Infamous Ending?


To me finding out Cole and Kessler are the same person was a complete shocking surprise.

*End Spoiler*

But I guess this list is of a Xbox 360 guy. No PS3 games on here except the 2 multiplats

paul03884316d ago

They're missing A LOT of epic moments. I haven't played Mass Effect, but none of those other moments evoked any grand feelings in me ESPECIALLY NOT Halo 3's final Warthog ride. I was extremely disappointed with the entire game (single player) and I thought the ending was disappointing as well.

Myze4316d ago

MGS4 has about 100 moments that could be on this list, however, for real standout "epic moment," for me, would be


When having to crawl through the microwave hallway, seriously not knowing if you are gonna make it or not, actually feeling (physically) the desperation that Snake is feeling while all his allies are fighting/dying in the background.

*end spoiler*

MerkinMax4316d ago

The only problem is that there are hundreds of great gaming moments this generation and a list of 5 simply can not justify them all.

randomwiz4316d ago

but as others have said, this guy doesn't look like he owns a ps3.

I would add microwave level from MGS4, and the super powers in Resistance 2 was so fun, but short lived.

Above Awesome4316d ago

Mass Effect is an amazing game, but having two spots on the list is kinda of a bit much.


I think in MGS4, seeing Shadow Moses again is one of the most epic gaming moments this generation. I'd say it's in the 3rd spot. Other than that, the list is fine, just replace one of the ME scenes.

Bob Dole4316d ago

The microwave scene in MGS4 is awesome but doesn't even compare to the final fisticuff battle of the Snakes.

Jake11114316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I played ME for about 2 hours then turned it off and went back on my PS3. The looseness of the detail on the boards were pathetic (size??) Like playing PS2 with next gen characters...

True EPIC moments this GEN:

1) Resistance FOM 1 - Too many to mention

2) Warhawk. Driving back on a jeep with the flag while everyone is after you including warhawks.. AMAZING!

3) MGSIV - too many to mention

4) Drakes Fortune - Standing on the UBoat in the river looking at the mountains etc...

5) Drakes Fortune - The cut scenes!

6) Drakes Fortune - The detail of vegetation in the forests

7) Heavenly Sword - Looking out at the huge city from above

8) R&C - Many many

9) RFOM2 - Many

10) Infamous - wow

11) MLB The Show - WOW

12) Buzz Quiz... WOW

13) GOW 1 - Some passable epic events. Nothing like the ones above.

Lets be honest. Anyone with both systems and NO bias will feel as I do. The PS3 has brought the best experiences in gaming this GEN.

And just think. GOW3, DF2, GT, etc... OMG! It rocks to have the PS3 this gen!!!

gintoki7774315d ago

Halo epic??? more epic than msg4? >.> suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (sarcasm)

mal_tez924315d ago

Any of the boss battles (though especially Crying Wolf)
The microwave scene
The two chase scenes
The REX scene
The final battle with Liquid

All of these were just way too awesome to not be on the list, and they are definitely more exciting than Halo 3's ending.

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Go Gaming Giant4316d ago

yep the Would You Kindly is for sure a classic, wonder if Bioshock 2 will top it?

TheHip144316d ago

it'll be mighty hard to top it

thegreatest78844316d ago

Theres no way they could top it, mainly because the fans are expecting a big twist.

DoFuss4316d ago

Not sure I 100% agree with your selection. Especially based on the intro, many of those are not heroic, or particularly `Grand`.

The problem is, most things I consider Epic from this generation are actually choices that can be avoided. In Fable 2 your choice (in some areas) greatly effect your heroism. Prince of Persia is also fairly impressive in scope and appearance (though it is very easy),

That said I feel I am probably lacking of lot of epic moments due to a lack of interest in J-RPGs.

Go Gaming Giant4316d ago

to each his own lol, I personally thought Fable 2 was very overrated.

Major_Tom4316d ago

But then you go on to include COD4 and HALO? Christ sakes.

vflhp4316d ago

I actually can't see one that I wouldn't be able to replace. Are we the same person?

Ramin1234316d ago

Fable 2 has not created any gaming moments that make me think all.

and I don't see how you need to have a JRPG to have an epic gaming moment.

Mine have to between the moment i first laid eyes on Gears of War........I was just......GOBSMACKED and basically the reason I got an xbox.

Second would be Oblivion, the moment when I exited out of the sewers into that big open world...amazing.

Recently it has been quite a dry-up in terms of really amazing gaming moments. The only moment would have to be the Expert Campaign in Left 4 Dead.

Having the tank, smoker, or hunter hand your ass to you with all your friends running around wondering what happened to you, whilst screaming "OH MY GOD, a F***ING TANK!!!" has to be some of the best moments in gaming history.

Can't say I agree with the list, Mass Effect didn't really hit me as amazing or containing OMG moments, I guess if you liked Battlestar Galactica or Stargate the ending scene would be a wet dream.

Halo 3 has got some amazing music, which I listen to regularly, but the ending scene kinda felt quite like a transition into something and left quite a unsatisfying ending (but thats just me)