Major Nelson Says No Update In 24Hrs Support Says Otherwise Call Recorded:Who To Believe?

GamingTalkHQ is reporting some new news late tonight from Major Nelson. He says that the update will NOT happen within the next 24hours. This means that we may have to wait till Wednesday based on him. However GamingTalkHQ has another report from a recent support call which we they record for your listening pleasure. To listen click "Spring Support Call" on the player to the left. In that call support claimed that it would be released on the 8th however they did not know when. So this leaves us with contradicting reports, Who do you believe?

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FordGTGuy4488d ago

someone who is part of the Xbox Live team then someone in India.

Dukester1014487d ago

it will come when it comes... and that's all we can do about it.

there are better things to dream/speculate about.

whocares4487d ago

So that means we gotta wait even longer for the FOzza 2 demo. Absolutly useless.

gta_cb4487d ago

well like its already been said, it comes when it comes, we cant make them release it any faster, so... cya when theres news on it being released ;)