Rock Band plays nice with Fender

Harmonix has confirmed for GameSpot that it has signed an exclusive deal with Fender Musical Instruments to feature their guitars exclusively in Rock Band, and to base the upcoming guitar peripheral for the game upon the company's most famous model, the Stratocaster.

Harmonix also said the game will feature the Roland Corporation and BOSS brands, known for their synthesizers and guitar effects pedals respectively. However, Rigopulos would not say whether those companies would have their names grace Rock Band peripherals, or if the licensing deals were exclusive.

One last bit of information was stated by Harmonix president and co-founder Alex Rigopulos "The team at Harmonix feels that interoperability between various music games and peripherals is in the best interest of the gamers, so yes, we do intend to support the existing Guitar Hero guitar controllers, as well as other third-party guitar controllers, to the greatest degree possible in Rock Band, having said that, there will be some cool new features of the official Rock Band Fender Stratocaster Controller that aren't present in the existing Guitar Hero controllers."

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Bishop4491d ago

But in the end I guess it doesn't matter, after all it is just a game. At least it will support my Explorer and my SG, although I wish Ibanez would have got in on the game instead of Fender. Oh well should be fun and nothing to flame about here.

Diselage4491d ago

Don't worry since i've been at this site it seems there is always something to flame. Never underestimate the fanboy.

kamakazi4491d ago

i hope they have the stevie ray vaughn signature series fender strat.

socomnick4491d ago

I own a candy red Ibanez my self but fenders are indeed nice. I want to learn to play the guitar before I buy a Gibson les paul.