Microsoft Exec Says Epic Cost Them One Billion

In his most recent podcast, Major Nelson, a well known XBox PR outlet, has said that Epic Games cost Microsoft a BILLION dollars. Apparently, Epic Games was single-handedly responsible for the decision to include a 512 MB RAM chip in the 360, rather than a (supposedly) proposed 256 MB chip. This was brought up in relation to the recent debate over Microsoft charging for the Gears of War Map Pack. You might remember, Epic Games felt that the map pack should have been provided for free, and Microsoft wanted to charge for it.

If Microsoft is allowing a single developer to chart the course of their console development, they need to take a long, hard look at their development process. Now, if Epic said, "Hey Microsoft, we really need 512 MB of RAM in this console so that we can make some seriously great games that will help sell your XBox 360," and Microsoft said, "Hey, sounds good to us," then what's the problem here? Microsoft benefits by more console sales and associated hardware, Epic gets to make Gears (which rocks) and reap the rewards from that.

In the end, only Microsoft decides what will be included in their consoles. If they made the decision, then they have to live with the financial consequences of it. The only reason we're hearing this now is because Epic had the balls to stand up and say that the Gears map pack should be free. For Microsoft, even through a surrogate, to basically blame Epic for Live Arcade's pricing scheme is ludicrous. If they want to charge for the content, they should stand up and say so. They're a business, and they need to be profitable. I can respect that. However, I can't respect the way this has been handled at all.

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FordGTGuy4486d ago

Of Gears of War and they can do whatever they want we the content for the game.

no_more_heroes4486d ago

Microsoft probably just own the rights to it

BBsin4486d ago

Microsoft is the publisher, not developer.

ChefDejon4486d ago

microsoft builds its console around one game

BIadestarX4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

It may be possible. Hey, at least was around a game.
Imagine Microsoft would have built their console around one movie (i.e. casino royale). That would suck wouldnt it? ...

Edit: Spiderman too.. but lately the blu-ray movie that's selling well for Sony is casino royale.

techie4486d ago

dont you mean Spiderman 3 ? (font)

BIadestarX4486d ago

I like the way major said it in his podcast, "They like spending someone else money and not their own." Microsoft funded Gears, microsoft spent 1 Billion because of EPIC which Epic will never be able to bring into the table. So, now they want to tell microsoft what they should do with the game? Right... Epic you have the chance to all the charity you want with UT. Since you are using your own money to develop it, you can not only give us free downloadable content, but also give us the game for $29.99. 50% off. yeee! VIVA Epic.... ohh wait... thats their own money... they wouldn't do that.

Lumbo4486d ago

you are a bit moronic, as usual.

Epic always gave away addons and mappacks FOR FREE, yes, from their own money. No, its not the first time they wanted to do this, every "bonuspack" for the UT series of games was given away free of charge. Cause other than Microsoft, Epic knows that gamers HATE beeing nickle and dimed to death. And Epic knows that in the long run a stream of free add ons will keep a franchise alive and thus move consoles.

Lets take UT3 into consideration:
Epic "we want to allow user generated mods and maps on the consoles"
-> MS: "WTF, that OUR money, no way, only content we approve gets on our sacret console and it will cost"
-> Sony "Yes, nice idea, user generated content and free addons could benefit us in the long run, go ahead"

Imho thats not the smartest decision by Ms, as like on the PC i would love to get the maps and addons for free, and i love mods like i.e. TO:Crossfire for UT2004. Having the creative mod community on a console game would only help driving the consoles further.

FordGTGuy4486d ago

Epic is the developer and Gears of War is a second party game meaning that Microsoft Game Studios is the Publisher.

ChefDejon4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

built around movies an games so that it reached out to movie watchers and gamers which is a bigger market than just games and won the format and console war. That would be crazy im just sayin

edit: yeah but if it reached out to the movie market then combined the movie and the game market would make a bigger market to sell to

FordGTGuy4486d ago

Surpassed the Movie Market.

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The story is too old to be commented.