6 Most Wanted PS3 Features

Game Monsters would like to talk about 6 of there most wanted Playstation 3 Features.

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beavis4play4354d ago

and also to download stuff off the store while in standby.

Wizziokid4354d ago

Very nice list, cross-game chat for me is the most important on the list atm.

sinncross4354d ago

The 2nd feature is somewhat null since Sony has implemented the ability to record videos and have them published on youtube. Its all up the the developer to use the tools that are already there.

In fact, I think GT5 has this feature.

Also, a PS2 game store will only happen when the PS2 hardware is no longer selling. Sony are still making profit off their PS2 'cashcow', and when the PS2 subsides they can release the PS2 classics on PSn and then make even more money.
From a business sense, it makes sense what Sony are doing with PS2 bc: though perhaps not best for consumers.

Blaster_Master4354d ago

Cross game chat. Anyone who says differently doesn't have any real friends on the psn.

Model4354d ago

cross console multiplayer - i would love to kick some xbot azz

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