Half-Life 2 Ep. Two Almost Done

In the most recent Valve weekly update, the kids from Seattle promise they're putting the "final parts of Episode Two together" and tease fans with a look at the forthcoming expansion's concept art. You won't see much in the way of game revelations, so consider it mostly spoiler free, but you will see some delicious art showing off Alyx, the Citadel and the G Man in exciting Episode 2 locations.

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QuackPot4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Thought so after playing HL2 but then tried Halo 2 and I had second thoughts.

May have to see after Ep2 etc and Halo 3 are released....or dare I say it, KZ2.

Any other contenders?

Rooted_Dust4486d ago

Half Life 2 is the best shooter. There is no question that it beat Halo 2 , hopefully it will continue to stand out as the best, even with an aging graphics engine.


exclusive to ps3 Counter strike !!!!!!!!

i wish

cant wait for half life always was a good game and i did not finish it on the pc .
portal should be fun too.

( can anyone find any news on rainbow six on ps3?)

id dot entity4486d ago

I don't really care about Episode 2 to be honest. I want Team Fortress 2!

nicodemus4486d ago

But will definitely be picking this one up!