Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Interview

Tired of assuming everything beginning with "MMO" ends in "RPG?" Eager to give real-time strategy gamers their fix is S2 Games, the development house which plans to launch Savage 2: A Tortured Soul some time this year. S2 Games co-founder Marc DeForest has been busy beta testing the game, but he was able to take time out of his hectic schedule to educate me on how the online-only Savage 2 is coming together.

Shack: Before we delve into Savage, tell us a bit about yourself and your history with the gaming industry.

Marc DeForest: About the year 2000, I had had another of other business ventures that were successful, [but] I'd always been an avid gamer since I was four years old. I decided I'd like to get my feet wet in making video games. One of the guys I was doing business with used to be a [3D] modeler, so he had some connections in the business. He put me in touch with Jesse Hays, who's still with us. Jesse was working at AutoDesk at the time doing 3D modeling. He knew one of the programmers there who wanted to get into game design and game programming, so the three of us started S2 Games and took on the project of [the original] Savage. Of course right now we're working on Savage 2, and we're currently developing a third game, but I'm not really at liberty to talk about that just yet.

Shack: You had to work "no comment" in there somewhere, didn't you?

Marc DeForest: [Laughs] Yep.

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ARVO4235d ago

Seems a little like God of War goes online, but hey I like killing Medusa every chance I get!