New Screens of Unreal Tournament 3

Three new screenshots have been released for the forthcoming game in Epic Games' popular sci-fi shooter series. The game is coming out on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC but these screenshots appear to be from the PC version of the game.


It appears that the last picture below has already been shown on N4G some time ago, although this is a larger, higher res version of that pic. My apologies! :)

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techie4181d ago

oh i mean good find Prinz...

Neutral Gamer4181d ago

I saw the new screens on GameSpot but saw Prinzdaman had already submitted a tip for a different website a couple of hours earlier. I always check the tips section cos if someone found the story before I did I wanna give them the credit. It feels wrong otherwise, as they got there first and should be rewarded somehow.

More Contributors should do the same cos a lot of people ignore the tips when adding new stories even if someone tipped it hours earlier. That's only my personal opinion of course and you can do whatever you want but I sleep better at night doing so!

I used my source for the main URL and Prinzdaman's for the Credit only cos it was clear which the new screenshots were on the GameSpot site. Anyway, I'll call it a joint effort, haha. :)

techie4181d ago

yup i do the same. it's only fair...what have you got to lose by doing it? Also..if it's the same link, it will automatically add the tipper even if you don't notice the tip yourself :)

Neutral Gamer4181d ago

Of course Prinzdaman is gonna get some more points now, especially as this story just went to 100 degrees and that brings him closer to you deep, he's already in third place, the race is on ... !

techie4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

as if. :P Hm I was seven bubbles just a minute amazes me at how fast mine go up and down. Still unaware why I would be voted down...I guess people dont like me to have too many bubbles

dantesparda4180d ago

You're "Deepbrown"? why the name change? alright who else is who?

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techie4181d ago

go find us them...theyre new to gamspot...and new to me...?

Neutral Gamer4181d ago

The new THREE shots were added to GameSpot on May 7th - that's today.

OldSchoolGamer4181d ago

Never been a fan of UT series. Anyway coming from a company who has done shooters for forever should make FPS fans who don't like Halo, Gears, or Killzone quite happy.

ARVO4181d ago

Game plays so fast sometimes that the aim is secondary to moving, not my shooting fun.

ReconHope4181d ago

gameinformer had 2 of them. the one with the 3 vehicles is new i think.

Neutral Gamer4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

The guy staring into the camera I can recognise from the gameinformer link, that's true, although it is a much smaller, lower res picture.

I'll add an update to the story on that point. But that's still 2 new shots and 1 larger version, where's the other one that's a duplicate?

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The story is too old to be commented.