PS3 Slim turns up at Florida Best Buy

Do you want to buy a PS3 Slim early? Well you can now if you live in Florida. The PS3 Slim is now available at the Best Buy in Brandon, Florida. Engadget writes: "If you're in the area, you might want to make a quick trip out to the box store before the global PS3 Slim shortage hits."

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meepmoopmeep4362d ago

futureshop and bestbuy say it's available this week 27th

green-cigarettes 4362d ago

today when i bought the Batman game at EB Games in canada i swear i saw a guy leaving the store with a PS3 slim.

firezone4362d ago

On a Different note, what you guys think about Sony's Motion Controller dubbed "The Wand" being compatible with God of War III? I mean, i think this would kill. wielding Kratos's you be super exciting! Anyone?