SquareEnix :The last Remnant First Details.

A few days back, we posted an article about a new title been registered in the trademarks office by squareEnix. Today we bring you the first details surrounding the game.

-The game is scheduled for a release in 2008 on all next gen consoles( xbox360, Ps3 wii)

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TriggerHappy4492d ago

why the hell did they make this into a turn based ? they are using the unreal engine, Why da fack couldn't they just make a different battle system ? is there anything that the unreal engine cannot handle ?*looks over to gears of war* did not think so.

Shaka2K64492d ago

xbox360,wii? WTF?

Flop confirmed.

PS360WII4492d ago

you funny. I really only need to meantion that Japan only really cares about rpgs. Add that to the fact that Wii is the only console selling mad there plus the 360 is still a system that can preform well you know. The only way this would flop is if they don't release it

Firewire4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

Next Gen Multi Platform = PS3/360

I think its impossible to get that engine on the Wii,
although over at Neogaf their saying Square & UE guys (Epic?) have some sort
of deal going on, were Square can develop the UE engine.
I'm not sure, and still very doubt full, but if anyone can get it to work
it would be Square Enix.

CrazzyMan4492d ago

hmm, and this is not Final Fantasy series, something new. =)

EA - also turn based, so it should be ok. =)
Anyway, good news. :)

PS360WII4492d ago

Yeah if it's using the UE3 how can it be for the Wii too?

best point is naturally: - Released simultaneously in U.S. and Japan!!!

that's never happened and I'm happy this one will do it ^^

What's wrong with turn-base you ask? Nothing is your answer. Turn-base is the bread and butter of rpgs and I for one am happy for the return. While in action stuff was cool it just made the whole thing kind of boring mid game wise. We need something inbetween our exploring and killing times otherwise your just moving your people around and that's it...

TriggerHappy4492d ago

generation is going. anything can be made possible. I would not be surprised if the Cliffy B and co came out and made an announcement that, there is going to a unreal engine for the wii, i would not be surprised. Ofcourse that wont ever happen since they have made it public that "no soup for the wii" this gen from Epic.

PS360WII4492d ago

but Epic isn't making this game. Maybe with the contract that SquareEnix and Epic signed had something in it saying that SE could do some tweaking to put UE on Wii.... long shot for sure but hey like you said 'anything is possible'

ITR4492d ago

Money talks...maybe someone is coding it for the Wii?

If the Wii can run the Unreal engine 3 then we know the Wii has some power under the hood.

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The story is too old to be commented.