What is Your Desert Island Game?

1UP has a feature asking games industry heavyweights what their 'desert island game' would be. Games from the Civilization series are backed by the likes of Sony's Phil Harrison, David Jaffe, and Bethesda's Todd Howard, while Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has waiting-for-rescue fans among a number of the list respondents. Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka has an interesting answer to the question while talking about his pick: StarCraft.

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Neutral Gamer4488d ago

Those are the type of games that you could play in so many ways over and over again, using different strategies and/or characters. It's great to see Oblivion mentioned so many times in the article, it truly is a masterpiece of a game and it's not often that PC, 360 and PS3 owners can all share in the experience of a multiplatform game of such high calibre.