GamePro feature: How ColorWare Colors a Console

ColorWare is already known for its high-end laptop and iPod paintjobs. But starting this summer, ColorWare will extend its coloring magic to video-game consoles. GamePro mailed in a PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 for a test run. ColorWare followed GamePro's exact specifications and mailed the consoles back for approval. The results? See for yourself: clean, professional, and highly detailed colored coats.

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Satanas4485d ago

All 3 consoles actually look kinda cool coloured.

ben hates you4485d ago

blue stripes put on my 360

DirtySyko4485d ago

The PS3 actually looks really natural, like it would be sold in that color. You can tell the Xbox and Wii are custom since they would never sell consoles those colors, but they still look nice. A glossy painted black 360 would look far better than the black Elite. And I think the Wii would look good red, especially the Wiimotes. The white buttons on the red casing would look nice and flush.

Any idea how much this costs? I'm thinking over a 100 bucks, in which case, I wouldn't go for it.

Scrumptious4485d ago

But has cheap skins that add way more personality. They even have the retro series for the Wii...looks like an old NES! I do wonder if the decals would interfere with the touch sensitive buttons on the PS3 though...

DEIx15x84485d ago

Xbox 360 costs $525 for one color and controller. If you choose to have a multicolored system it is $10 for each part that is a different color. They also offer controllers for $74.

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