Darius Burst Announced for PSP

Taito will be bringing a new Darius game to the PSP. In the latest issue of Famitsu, Taito reveals the first information about Darius Burst for the PSP.

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darthv724408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

I always liked the darius series. No word on if this will be a dl only or if there will be a umd release.

Now I need technosoft to bring out the thunderforce collection and maybe thunderforce 6 to the US.

Another good shmup that needs a revamp is Gaires.

Close_Second4408d ago

One of the best shoot-em-up franchises on the PSOne coming to the PSP I can't wait!

More PSP games like this please as no second analog required!

Information Minister4408d ago

I'm happy to see the Darius series being brought back. Darius Gaiden is one of my favorite shoot-em-ups. Great visuals and soundtrack. I wish they would release it on PSN/XBLA too.