In-Hospital-able Gaming: When places of healing become places of horror


"There is just something about hospital levels in games that send shivers down the spine.

Many games, from the recently released Wolfenstein, to Max Payne 2, to Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, to Left4Dead, make us nervous spending time in these ominous dens of sickness, madness and death.

In the gaming world hospitals are often atmospheric places where demons lurk in the basement, or gown wearing zombies charge from every corner, or mad torturing doctors await, or we are confronted by ghosts of our past.

Yet, in real life, people do indeed fear hospitals and the gown clad attendants which run them."

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gaminoz3345d ago

I can tell you I hate hospitals and have spent a little too much time in them, but my wife feels totally different being a nurse.

They do make very creepy locations for games trying to instill some fear or unease for sure!

Imagine working at Dr. Death's hospital like the writer!

Superfragilistic3345d ago

I freakin hate hospitals. Loved the one in Left 4 Dead and the one in Dead Space was seriously f'd up!

But the scariest hospital ever has to be any of those created in Theme Hospital, now that game was freakin twisted. lol

XboxOZ3603345d ago

I've had my share of hospitals over the years, everything from major back surgery, to thumbs cut with bench saws, and metal in eyes . . .and they all do have a certain element of foreboding about them.

Knowing a few nurses certain raise the scary factor as well, as the stories they can often come out with sure makes your hair stand on end, like seeing paitents that are walking around, but actually dies a few hours ago - well, they thought they saw them walking around.

Makes games seem tame.

gaminoz3345d ago

That's freaky! The older hospitals are worse too..

darkmurder3345d ago

The mental ward on WaW was really freaky! I hate hospitals in games, too scary haha

REALgamer3345d ago

Like what Silent Hill / Condemned / Doom / Dead Space / FEAR style game doesn't have one now?

Might be scarier for there to be NO hospital now!

gaminoz3345d ago

Lol...the "orphanage" levels are pretty scary...all those kids' abused memories.

One of my favourites is the Thief: Deadly Shadows level on the "ghost ship". That was pretty freaky.

XboxOZ3603345d ago

FEAR 2 has one, it's the opening sequence, and quite good I might ad, check the opening vid in the article . . .

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