Why do pro gamers resemble boy bands?

Joystiq takes a look at how professional video gaming has an image issue. The best known pro-gamer is Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell, but he's really not getting any Sports Illustrated covers or receiving much mention in gaming mags, which focus more on games than professional gaming. Then we've got the fully-manufactured FragDolls. They bring on the sex with the T&A quotient, but don't get respect (although they are very capable gamers) due to their Spice Girls/ Pussycat Dolls status. It's time to find the image for the masses.

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grifter0244492d ago

HEHE nice summary... Probably... right though... I dont really care what they wear.. I would much rather see them play cause they are good at the game..I probably wont be "Oh wow look at those shoes..." Cause they would probably mean something bad... It shouldnt matter but whatever.. I like the whole "Fragdolls" comments... HAHA please..Just like PMS all the fragdolls are for s like he said "Sex appeal" (weird I havent slept a lot but appeal looks wrong wonder if its just me or not...) All they are looking for is a handout its kinda sad... Fragdolls are good in what game? RS vegas and Double Agent .... And Fragdolls are sponsored by who??????? Ubi... Ya so I would hope they would be good at that game.. Its sad ... I guess Boobs and other things helps in these type of things since they really are not that good at the actual game.. HAHA..