PS3 to 'Win' Console War Because of Blu-ray

Wedbush Morgan Securities has issued a report on the video game industry for 2007 and beyond. Huge growth is expected, and analyst Michael Pachter believes the PS3 will ultimately win (just barely) thanks to the Blu-ray format, which he expects to defeat HD DVD.

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TriggerHappy4485d ago

Do wee need to get into the discussion about space again ? GTAIV and MGS ?

snoop_dizzle4485d ago

All sides appear to be very close.

It makes sense.

Please no flame war. =)

TriggerHappy4485d ago

you know any title with blu ray or hd dvd is bout to start some sort of flame. lol

zonetrooper54485d ago

Lol, A disc format does not win a console war. Great games, awesome machine and an amazing online service will win the console war. This guy is an idiot and thats a fact.

chrno64485d ago

GTA4 is already downgraded because of the 360, so you shut up...
I am so glad that msg4 is an exclusive or else the game will be totally ruined.

SmokeyMcBear4485d ago

a disck format does not win a console war? Wasnt the move to DVD for the ps2 a key component to its victory. Also when playstation came out, they used CD's, while other were still using cartridges... seems eerily similar.

techie4485d ago

Play nicely. Don't need to say "you shut up" to zone. He's a very good contributer.

Blu-ray plays a role that's for sure...if it's relyed on then it cannot ensure success

TheExecutive4485d ago

I agree with those who posted above that a format doesnt win a console war. But what does win a console war is WORLDWIDE support. NA cannot decide the console war; MS is largely a NA console; therefore, MS wont win the console war. Whoever has worldwide support "wins". PS3 does, Wii does. I still believe the wii is just a fad, and with all fades will fade. that leaves sony.

P.S. I think all consoles win in thise war, and I also believe that we gamers win even more than the companies. Saying this, I believe that the end sales figures don't especially matter. I think that the clear winner here is whoever owns all three.


kewlkat0074485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

I guess the "illogical fanboy carousel" has not started to turn.

The blue-ray is a trojan horse, as we all know. IMO we didn't need it this gen, but SONY decided they wanna beat TOSHIBA to the market, at an expense of its casual gamers. Still a lot left before we see if this "ROOTKIT" of Sony's will succeed.

I'm not gonna go into mindless banter of why we need space, while PC games continue to outshine a lot of what consoles have to offer on DVD9, in terms of graphics and such.

We have seen this all before.