New trailer for Dragon Ball Online

Ian Fisher writes: Publishers are still looking to have their own cash cow MMO like World of Warcraft and the latest game to get the MMO treatment is the beloved Dragon Ball franchise.

The new trailer for the game does look interesting despite it not being actual game footage thus full of crap. But I honestly can't see how going on a quest with a bunch of friends to kill dinosaurs using Ki blasts and flying around can't be fun and enough to separate itself from the other games on the market.

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searchbuzz3469d ago

Check your reports dude.

ian863469d ago

Fixed it. Sorry about the delay.

searchbuzz3469d ago

Good stuff. Approved. :)

qface643469d ago

i wouldn't mind having a good computer that can handle this game mines is kinda lame

but i find the classes kind dumb why majins?
not even any super saiyans -_-
but im sure it will be a good game

Ri0tSquad3468d ago

But I don't see this MMO lasting very long.

-MD-3468d ago

This is my most anticipated MMO I can't wait.

Erotic Sheep3468d ago

My god, we have something in common... we both like DBZ \o/

I agree this MMO looks promising and it's cool that they make you go back in time to encounter those epic battles from DBZ, I just hope they have some kind of transformation level up thingie which also changes your looks in some way if you transform. Since super saiyans are out of the question, I wonder what they have come up with.

Just hope this MMO also makes it to the US / Europe.

RyuShinji3468d ago

I hear it's TBA for USA/AUS but no Europe! 0_0 oh well it's not like windows isnt region free! and the US speak english too so..

here's some in-game play!!
and wiki!

Hopefully not long now eh? ^_^

RyuShinji3468d ago

Hope they do have transformations! heard it's supposed to be like budokai tenkaichi game play! this could be a really really! great! game!

..why arnt there more comments this is the dragonball series we're talking about! (looks more like DBZ too ^_^)


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The story is too old to be commented.