Why don't all games have caption?

Dale E. Martin from does a interview with Game Designer Reid Kimball on why their is not captioning in all games.

Quote: Did you know, Gabe Newell Co-Founder of Valve Software if Valve Software wanted to, they could put a copyright free closed captioning logo on the back of their box to say the game features closed captioning. Ever since Half-Life 2 was released, I believe all of their games have closed captioning.

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Deafman4204447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

Someone in the industry says something about this.
If Microsoft would only add captions to their movies in video marketplace.

darthv724447d ago

A very good friend of mine is a serious gamer/collector and is also deaf. I sometimes forget that part when we chat about the latest games on yahoo IM but he manages to play almost every game. There needs to be more closed captioning in games no matter the game type.

There are hearing impaired gamers who should have the right to play games we hearing gamers take for granted. Even if it is just being able to read the dialog of the game and not hear/feel the imursion the music and sound effects create.

Braynbasher4447d ago

I will have a response from Netflix.

jedistev4447d ago

the Orange Box is one of all my fav game...

thumb up from me!

kelvin224447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

Someone needs to let Gabe Newell know about a thing called a diet he looks like a lethargic hog

kesvalk4447d ago

valve is one of the best dev teams out there...

i hope they stay that way and don't go the EA/Activision way -_-