Skate - Spike Trailer

Electronic Arts has released yet another gameplay trailer of skate.

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TriggerHappy4209d ago

This game might just live up to the hype sourrounding it as been a Tony Hawk series liller

TheExecutive4209d ago

yeah... it looks like it may live up to the hype. It won't take much to kill the TH series, since it was pretty much terrible since TH3.

urpabo4209d ago

The animations seem a little clunky to me. Bound to be better that THPS though.

PS360WII4209d ago

I'm intrested. Frankly I've been bored with TH since the second one >< so anything new is going to be a plus ^^

techie4209d ago

I like...sort out the animation of other people on the street...then done.