Analysts: Without price cuts, Wii could be in trouble

Thanks to months of rumors, Sony might not have shocked the gaming world by finally dropping the price of the Playstation 3 last week. But with a fresh, $299 model en route to retailers, they've certainly changed the face of the console war.

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Chubear5214d ago

Oh please, the wii could remain at 250 with the 360&PS3 at 199 and Nintendo wouldn't bat an eyelid. They've already made an utter killing for charging a relatively high price for the hardware they have.

They've got more than enough to cover development of the wii2 which will most likely be a mix of 360&PS3 hardware specs. They'll throw Mario, Zelda, Metriod and some cutesy title on their launch list for the year with 360 graphics and the base will go bananas! Nintendo are sitting pretty they don't have to do jack if they dont feel like it.

By that time the materials used for make consoles like the 360 will be dirt cheap and Nintendo can now have their console looking like games do now.

EvilTwin5214d ago

Agreed. I have a Wii, but it is priced a bit high now at $250. Big N has probably turned a profit on each one sold since day one. But they've done just fine with a cheaper 360 on the market, and they still undercut the revamped PS3.

They COULD leave the price as-is (I kinda doubt they will, though), and probably be set up just fine for the next gen. They're finishing up another Zelda and another Galaxy for Wii; after that, they're probably going to start developing on next-gen titles.

Don't get me wrong...I'm considering a PS3. Not now (don't have the cash), but maybe in the future. However, the pecking order for this gen is pretty much set. The PS3 will get a bump in sales, but it will be lucky to unseat Microsoft to be number two this gen, let alone make up the difference with Nintendo.

kagon015214d ago

But we will see what is going to happen next...

ChickeyCantor5214d ago

I thought the 360 was the "F yeah America product" yet the 150 dollar sku hardly did any damage to the Wii.
So what makes them think Sony will make a difference?

Yes it will boost hardware sales, but no...From the beginning the Wii was bashed to fail, i don't even believe they can go wrong now.

ginsunuva5214d ago

Don't worry. Nintendo can cut the price to $20 and still make $19 profit from every wii sold. It's not like there's anything inside that piece of plastic at all.

OtherWhiteMeat5214d ago (Edited 5214d ago )

Analysts:Without price cuts,_____________ could be in trouble.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fill in the blank ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
This type of article seems to appear at least twice a week. Move over Sony and Microsoft the Wii is doomed stories are coming.

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