BlackSite: Area 51 Interview with New Screens

Midway's Area 51 shooter franchise has always had a lot of camp humor in previous versions but for the upcoming PC-PS3-Xbox 360 FPS BlackSite: Area 51 things get more serious as the developers at Midway's Austin studio bring in things like the Iraq war and other real life political issues mixed in with shooting aliens. FiringSquad got a chance to chat with Midway Austin's studio head Harvey Smith to find out more about BlackSite: Area 51.

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TriggerHappy4492d ago

Anygame with a good co-op is definitely my type of game. And after reading this , i am definitely going to follow this title.

Asylumchild4492d ago

I think Im the only one that is going to be playing this game either way i loved the first one and this one im getting on ps3. After watching both trailers though i thought they looked identical between ps3 and xbox360 i think ps3 had a little bit better bolor ratio but besides that their identicale :)

TriggerHappy4491d ago

Us. because man am happy about this game and really enjoyed the first also. Cant wait to try this.

peksi4491d ago

The world is full of freakin FPS games, please ... not anymore :) Bring on the RPGs and other games with depth.

dominusbellum4491d ago

an mmo/fps/rpg/rts that would be crazy j/k. but yeah there are alot of fps out there(can't wait hor h3) but i do think i will be playing this game the first one was pretty fun can't wait to dual wield machine guns again

TriggerHappy4491d ago

does that even exist ? Will it even be possible to mix that many genres into one ? how big will the game be ? How long will it even take to make something like that. ?