Sony turns 60

Engadget report on Sony's birthday:

"Wow, Sony. Sixty. The golden years. (You're not going to retire any time soon, are you? No -- good.) How far you've come since May 7th 1946, when Masaru Ibuka, post-war engineering entrepreneur and gadget forefather established Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Totsuko) with Akio Morita, founding the company we now know and cherish (um, most of the time) as Sony.

We've seen you go through a lot of changes over the years as you've started up and shut down lines of devices, won and lost format wars, taken on board content companies, and occasionally struggled for direction in the marketplace -- but even though we dish out a lot of tough love we know someday you'll understand. Happy birthday, Sony."

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ShAkKa4272d ago

i`ve only lived a 1/3 of that time but in the last 12 years i`ve been a very proud costumers of a lot of your products.

ASSASSYN 36o4272d ago

Happy death in the videogame industry.

kamakazi4272d ago

you keep believing that :)

MAN i own countless SONY products very reliable merchandise. i still have my cd player from 2002 and its still ticking even after many drops :) of course it has been retired recently when my gf got me an ipod.

bootsielon4272d ago can't report someone for being retarded :(

bigmack4272d ago

congrads on the 20 years!


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The story is too old to be commented.