'Spiderman 3' destroys box office records

"Spider-Man 3" starts off the summer box office sizzling, earning $148M this weekend.

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ITR4183d ago

It needs to since it cost over a half billion to make.
Spiderman 4 the billion dollar movie or blunder? (sic)

Dlacy13g4183d ago

I helped out on that record breaking weekend...and the movie ain't all that. Overly cheesy at times and very, very predictable! Even the guest cam shot w/ Stan Lee was pretty poor. I was very let down...I mean like Fantastic Four/Ghost Rider performance level kinda let down.

It has special effects..and that is about it. Venom was the coolest thing going...and he doesnt really show up until about ohh...the last 15 min of the movie.

ITR4183d ago

I'm waiting on the DVD.

I only wanted to see Venom and this movie kinda kills that.

I saw GR but off a pirated copy. I'm glad I didn't pay for that.
It's about 1 step above Elektra..which was 1 step above CatWoman.

I would say FF was a bit better then GR but not by much.

XxZxX4183d ago

I guess Sony columbia is all smile today, and it's gonna help blu-ray too when it's out on Blu-ray.

FordGTGuy4183d ago

Unless this has turned into N4MovieWatchers I have no idea how this got approved.

Dlacy13g4183d ago

but you are totally right. Unless this talks about the video game tie in...which I dont' think it really isnt gaming news. It's about Sony...but that is about it...and that is a stretch for this site.

Inasid4183d ago

I agree, it's very borderline that so much news come out about Blu-ray vs HD-dvd but both consoles use them. As far as the box office releases of the movie industry getting approved, well I guess it's time we start warming up our reviews of films if this keeps up. Note if you are interested in movies, is a great site for all movie information not

Boink4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )


so to sum it up, this has nothing to do with gaming or tech, neither did the first article, and it has now been approved as news twice.


and people wonder why the quality of this place is going down...clearly some people are contributors that should not be.

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The story is too old to be commented.