US$299 HD DVD players unlikely this year

On the heels of the Fuh Yuan Electronic Development admitting that it has not received orders from Wal-Mart for two million HD DVD players at a target retail price of US$299, industry sources commented that it is unlikely that HD DVD players will fall to such a low price this year.

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TriggerHappy4235d ago

with the recent hack in hd dvd thanks to the 360 hd dvd add on, that just adds more weight to the fact that we wont be seeing $299 hd dvd this year

ITR4235d ago

You can when you pay workers only few bucks an hr.

The hack will probably sell more HD-DVD add-on players.
I know I looked at one once I heard about the hack. It's same with the Apple TV thingy which can be hacked pretty easily.