Xbox 360 titles garner solid pre-order sales in Japan

New titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 have garnered solid pre-order sales in Japan in the latest sales data from Amazon's Japan division.

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BIadestarX4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Start your flame/hate engines!
3...2...1... GO!

With games like blue dragon and lost oddisey... and final fantasy not having even a release date... it is only a matter of time before japan start digging the 360. ofcourse not like the wii.. but better than the original xbox.

ITR4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )


It was only last week I posted 3, 360 games in Amazon JP's top 50 games.

The other game was Test Drive Unlimited.

This probably also helps:
Trusty Bell Xbox 360 bundle
Blue Dragon Xbox 360 bundle

I wish MS would do that here.

xfrgtr4486d ago


Boink4486d ago

large pre-orders of games won't help them if there are not more people buying the system.

it could just be that a lot of their install base is pre-ordering these.

XxZxX4486d ago

Well it can be the same user base get the other games. At least the attach rates is high in Japan. but no it's doesn't mean a thing and again its just amazon in japan.

Odion4486d ago

Atleast their having some positive head way in Japan, but with the near zealous devotion to Nintendo its going to be hard for them to make any real ground in the country.

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