Lazard: No Ramp In PS3 Sales Without Price-Cut, Better Lineup

In his latest report on the Q4 results of a number of major publishers, Lazard's Colin Sebastian has said the analyst group expects "solid 15 percent growth" in sales this year, and added that Sony is unlikely to see a ramp in pre-holiday PS3 sales "without a more robust title lineup and/or a hardware price cut."

"Initial F4Q earnings reports in the video game sector were positive," said Sebastian, pointing to both Activision's recent 67 percent growth and UbiSoft's 42 percent. "Based on our retail channel checks," he added, "we believe video game sales remain generally healthy year-to-date despite tougher year-over-year comps for the remainder of 2007. We continue to expect solid 15%+ growth in software sales in North America this year."

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sumfood4u4488d ago

Society needs this to happen! We gammers are your celebrities, so let's make it happen. Believe It!

THAMMER14488d ago

The PS3 dose not need a price drop it is selling like hot cakes to fat kids with tape worms.

calderra4488d ago

Sony's also losing over $200 per unit on the hardware alone. They absolutely can NOT afford a price cut.

techie4488d ago

No they are not losing $200 on each unit. Those were costs before launch. They have not been updated. isupply are not trust worthy at all. New models are out in the US soon as price drop is imminent

ITR4488d ago

I heard they lose $130 now.

Production cuts $100.
= $30 lost

Price cut $100.

= $130 lost on each console sold.

Why the hell would they do that.
Thats a big gamble.
And then a price war could ensue afterwards..

A price cut would hurt Sony more then help them right now.
Maybe in 3 yrs.

techie4488d ago

price cut in one can be afforded because of Europe and Australia...where they would be making near on $100 per console. Think...they are losing more on Japanese consoles sold. Without the 20gb they are also losing less than they used to be...

sak5004488d ago

@ITR. Deep is right, they are making less loss now that they do not have to pay salaries to 160 employees and also to the biggest expense, KEN.

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TheWishman4488d ago

I guess this person must be a damn game genius to say that the PS3 would get better sales with a price cut.

Hmm, well i think it is worth the price and that the games out for it are perfectly fine. So now what...?

Let me see at this point last year with the 360, i was playing PDZ and Oblivion the same time this year with the PS3 i am playing Resistance and Oblivion.

I would say that is fairly even. Writers need to find better material

Marty83704488d ago

Just in time for holiday season, maybe even a price drop. Not too mention all the good PS3 games that are comin in the mean time.

predator4488d ago

the general public dont know what home is so that wont boost sales

BrainDead4488d ago

predator, the general public dont know half of the exclusive 360 games.

Circa244488d ago

Price cut is coming (diode costs went way down), and the lineup is coming.

Technology prices go down and libraries increase. How? Time. Same thing happens to every console. Every piece of technology.

I agree with TheWishman. The guy's an idiot.

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The story is too old to be commented.