Intel 8-core Xeon X5365 V8 Performance Preview

FiringSquad take a look at Intel's latest dual quad core processor which Intel have affectionately dubbed the "V8" platform as you're effectively getting 8 cores at your disposal.

They perform the usual benchmarks such as office performance and photo processing but also include tests which cater to the multi core features of the processor. They conclude that it's currently the fastest system they've ever tested but has problems associated with the specific type of motherboard and memory required to run it.

They also say that, although dual core games are now in the mainstream, ones which make use of quad and octo cores are not. As a result they had to download an Intel tech demo to test its gaming performance.

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Neutral Gamer4209d ago

Ha, you got to admit snoop_dizzle, that Intel have really made their new chip sound cool and most importantly "fast". Here's a typical conversation:


"What processor you got dude?"

"Intel Centrino, you know the crap one for people who couldn't afford a Pentium, what about you?"

"Intel Xeon X5365 V8."


"Yeah. I'm hard."


It sounds like a cross between a high performance car and fighter jet. It surely must give buyers some kind of psychological satisfaction and smugness to offset the vast money they just spent on it!

zonetrooper54208d ago

I wish I had one of these proccessors. I've got a crappy Intel Pent 4 processor 3.06GHz. Btw, the centrino processors were much better than the celeron processors which were cheap and crapy.

Neutral Gamer4208d ago

You're right, I meant to say Celeron, not Centrino. Both sound so similar!