Man upset over video game kidnaps teen

People can get pretty heated when it comes to video games, and in one case, a man was so upset, police say he kidnapped someone. Police said 21-year-old Jose Eduardo Espinosa-Arellano bought a gaming system from a family in American Fork, but he eventually decided to take it back. When he got to the family's home, Espinosa-Arellano became upset, pushed a 17-year-old into his car and drove to Salt Lake County.

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Jerk1203562d ago

Wow, that's some face buddy. Try any antidepressants lately?

Saaking3562d ago

I don't understand people like this. Why do they take video games so seriously.

OtherWhiteMeat3562d ago

Have you read some of the comments on this site?People are a lot closer to the edge then you think.

creeping judas3562d ago

That is so true, that it's not even funny!!!

+ bubbles!!!

PS3PCFTW3562d ago

haha theyre going to make him the star of a new rape game.(jail)

Chubear3562d ago

Yup, it's only a matter of time before news like this comes up in relation to HHG. These nutjobs on N4G that comment on his articles are even worse and would easily try some crap like this, easy.

DiffusionE3562d ago

It's because of gamers like these that people think we are all messed-up. I wonder if this news will bring out another 'ban video games' movement from those people that have nothing better to do.

Poopface the 2nd3562d ago

they didnt say why he did it. This guy is crazy, good thing he can go to jail now.

ThanatosDMC3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Now that's a rage quitter! HAHAHAH! Psychos out there... geez.

I still dont understand why we spend so much tax dollars on prisons and such. Why cant prisons be a symbol of fear instead of a time-out resort? Did y'all know that they built a very hi-tech prison not so long ago and spent millions on dumbasses that hurt people just to feed them and give them a nice clean place to sleep in?

Why cant there be fear inside prisons... you know, torture and death from the middle ages worked and crime wasnt as terrible as it was since the penalty was torture and then ultimately death?

We should propose torture and death to instill fear in the hearts of people so that they dont commit crimes they'd be severely be punished for doing. History proved it effective after all.

Stupid humanitarians... I proposed this in front of my Ethics class. It got a lot of people thinking. I had slides and a video to boot!

Just think about it for a while and see the pros vs cons.

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Skynetone3562d ago

Eduardo Espinosa-Arellano bought a gaming system from a family in American Fork, but he eventually decided to take it back

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3562d ago

...pp he should of waited to get a PS3:Slim!!! ;-D

Now he is stuck with a xBox 360!!! Er erm well in Prison anyway!!! ;-D

no_more_trolling3562d ago

people like u on this site are really on the edge for real

just check out the flame wars posts

some guy even said he would love to see HHG get shot

Etseix3562d ago

nah, it was like this:

person 1: WHY HHG ARTICLES ARE STILL BEING APROVED!?!?! get this turd out of here!

reply: because with this, u feed him and his family, just keep goin to his site.

person 1: WDF?! FAMILY!?!?
OMG!! HES MULTYPLYING!!! (grabs a shotgun))

ROFL i still remember that one i almost have a heart atack laughin too much lol.

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