PS3 PAL Backwards Compatibility Site updated.

The Playstation 3 PAL site for Backwards Compatibility has just been updated to include games that were added after the 1.70 software update.

New additions include all of the Prince of Persia games working perfectly, as well as Amplitude, Gran Turismo, Jak 3 , and Ratchet&Clank 1 and 2.

To check whether your games are now supported, please follow the link.

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techie4182d ago

Sorry I had to put Prince of Persia in there (it was 1bar last time) as that pleases me loads...I love playing those games. And I can get Ratchet and Jak now to play on the PS3.

Ps. PS3 makes ps2 games look better than the ps2 on Samsung tv's (Samsung software buggers them up through the ps2 ;)

Caxtus7504182d ago

was excited as it meant i could now play 24 after being a big fan of the can a game be so bad?? love he show? but the game!! ahhh

good news that more games are added though

CAPS LOCK4182d ago

still no FFX AND FF X-2. but at least they are trying to solve the problem. (looks the at x box 360 in shame) why can't you be more like him.

Bebedora4182d ago

Very good to see them up there! Just need to fix ff xii and reenable nhl 2k7 PS2 ver again. (Worked in 1.60 somewhat on highspinn though). Might be some quirks in the loadroutines in that game since my DVD on my PS2 almost made a 180 at times when while loading from that game.

Scrumptious4182d ago

Before the US price cut and likely removal of the PS2 chips. Did not want to be done dirty on BC as with my 360. Now I can watch blu-ray movies, play PS2 games, and the 1 good PS3 title (Resistance). Hooray!

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