Co-Optimus: Madden NFL 10 Review

Co-Optimus writes: "The co-op mode is a good start, but it's no where near where it could and should be. When other EA Sports titles like NHL and FIFA offer full online franchises with players cooperating on the same team, Madden NFL 10's single game co-op just isn't up to snuff. Not only that, we found it incredibly difficult - even after a dozen or so games. The cameras are a nice touch, and there's some definite tweaks in the way the game handles co-op, but we'd like to see more. Full seasons, Four or more players, player progression, player locking, swapping of play calling, or maybe even a system to vote on the play would all be nice to haves. We're glad to see EA Sports start to tread down a more solid co-op experience path, this year's is more of a field goal though, rather than a touchdown".

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