Batman: Arkham Asylum Deals and Midnight Release Summary writes:

"The highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum releases this week on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Interest has certainly peaked as the downloadable demo provided a glimpse into what we can expect come Tuesday, August 25th.

Like most big game releases, we have midnight openings and deals to run through..."

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gamesR4fun3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

wow we're getting this for less than 40 bucks ty bestbuy n futureshop n ebgames for jumping in on the fun too.

bout time us Canadian gamers got sum luv lol

XKRUCI83561d ago

I wasn't going to buy this game at $69.99. But it's a steal at $38.83. I had to order.

deividpaulo3561d ago

the people are already playing the pirate version on your XPLODE360 here...

I know a guy who already finished this game...hehehehe

the game companys just loose money with microsoft

STONEY43561d ago

If anyone's planning on building a new PC rig, do it now, if you buy any Nvidia graphics card, you get this game for free. I held off my best friend who wanted to get back into PC gaming by building a new rig, since the previous free game was Terminator Salvation, which we all know was terrible. Then a week later, we see the Batman game for the free game.