Squeeze her Boobies to Play

In what must be the one of the most bizarre videos ever a Masters student at New York University has come up with a game using "intimate controllers", which can be located on a boy's boxers and a girl's bra.

No, this isn't a joke.

The aim of the game is to "bring couples together". Sensors are placed around different parts of the body of a guy and a girl, then in something akin to a rhythm action game, the couple press the sensors in accordance to shapes appearing on the screen. The idea being that the better the score the more compatible the couple is.

Check out the video below to see this work of "genius" in action, including breast and buttock squeezing examples for your pleasure.

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sajj3164487d ago

my wife and I will try this out ... seems cool ;) You gotta keep things interesting in a relationship. Videogames leading to sex ... not bad.

Maddens Raiders4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

pretty cool. I think my girl could get into this. I just wish there were some "stars" on her shorts though. Just imagine turbo mode and the inevitable "bonus" round.
Tiger uppercut. lol

sajj3164487d ago

a visual of what you just said. Yoga Fiiiree ... Yoga Fiiireee!

Boink4487d ago

I've played this game for years, just without the screen.

Zinswin4487d ago

Had to laugh at that comment.

I don't think my wife want me to give her another excuse to grope her, though.

Leathersoup4487d ago

If a girl needs a video game to get her guy to get intimate, she may want to re-evaluate the relationship.

sumfood4u4487d ago

I forgot 2~day is opposite day! lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.