Brandy's Weekly Randolist: 10 Things for Every Gamer's Home

ResumePlay's Brandy Nevils writes: "This week for my random list of a few things to assure me that the geeks/nerds of the world are still alive and strong, I rounded up a couple of things I stumbled upon and found to be way cool. I know there are thousands of things out there for your home, but these are the ones I feel, as a gamer, that are super geeky/must haves for my eventual 18-bedroom castle I hope to one day own. (Also in this castle there will be an entire floor dedicated to being an arcade room, a beef jerky dispenser, and a full staff dressed as peasants from medieval times at all times- that's another story though.) Here are my top 10 items of choice for this week, in no particular order."

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CheatsMcGee3563d ago

I don't think words can sum up how much I want the Pip-Boy clock. Just...I need it. D<

Bagogames3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

I'm actually on EBAY at this moment looking for some of this stuff...

Pip Boy Clock...tempting...very much so

SRosenberg3563d ago

I like the donkey kong shelves, and the ottoman. :)

LJWooly3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

I am reminded of how my house isn't gamer-y enough whatsoever. At least now I'm even more motivated to turn my waste-of-space basement into a gaming room and stick my consoles along with all kinds of cool crap in there, so I can basically spend the rest of my life underground. The whole house above the basement? That can be the woman's area for all I care. :)

Awesome list, but I think some Weighted Companion Cube cushions shoulda been there. Then again, a list of 11 things sounds so much worse than a list of 10. Good wee article.

2FootYard3563d ago

Those were all really neat.

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