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Xbox 360 Elite in white package in the wild, Pro SKU missing on back-of-box chart

Can't say we're all that surprised given other sightings, but one anonymous tipster has sent us pics from a local Walmart of the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite in a shiny white package with a back-of-box chart that neglects to mention the Pro models, essentially striking it from the records. It's still scanning at $399 for now, but having seen other retailers print flyers quoting $299, the computers very well may be updating just after some official Microsoft announcement, which wouldn't surprise us at all if it happen sometime this week, just ahead of the PS3 Slim launch. Peruse the pics in higher-res format below.

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Tinted Eyes3592d ago

You better come harder than that to derail the slim.

aiphanes3592d ago

But if you look at the box..its says xbox live is free...

Also they took out the HDMI cable...

At $299...the PS3 Slim is the better deal...45nm cell and bluray and wifi and bluetooth 2.0 for the win!

PirateThom3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

XBox Live Silver is free.

The "4" beside it probably means "for one month".

mrv3213592d ago

They say live is free but what they mean

Is xbox live silver is free if you want to play online and actually use it's best feature you'll be paying £40 a year.

saint_john_paul_ii3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

"xbox live is free..."

its called false marketing. its a M$ dirty tactic. pretty sad for them to do that.

josuttis3592d ago

This is most likely the best are able to do.

The E&D division plunged right back down into the red when they did their desperation price down to 200.

The Elite was basically just an up sell model that generated extra profits from those willing to pay an extra 100 bucks for extras that don't cost Microsoft anywhere near 100 bucks.

Its elimination is going to have no effect at all.

N4PS3G3592d ago

desperation price down? lol

You mean their first price cut in 3 years was a sign of desperation?

I mean ..Sony had 2, ps3 price cuts in 3 years..but that's what you call a sign of brilliance i guess ;)

Megaton3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

^ If by 1st price cut in 3 years you mean 2nd price cut in 1 year, then yes.

When do you think the Arcade became $200? The Pro $300? Elite $400? Couple months before holiday 08. Come on man, if you're gonna dedicate yourself to trolling for one side, at least do your homework.

josuttis3592d ago

When a console company plunges the entire division their product is in back into the red three years into its life, it's desperation.

Console companies that are competent like Nintendo and Sony have long term plans for dropping the manufacturing costs so that when they hit their price drops over the years they continue to be profitable.

Even worse for Microsoft is the fact that they are selling the cheapest and worst console ever created. Outdated DVD, a motherboard that looks like something you would build from RadioShack parts, no internal power supply, primitive cooling system, etc.

Mind boggling that Microsoft is so incompetent that a piece of junk like the $200 Xbox 360 with no harddrive or WiFi caused the entire E&D division to plunge into loss when they are bilking Xbox owners out of 100s of million in online fees and other profitable products in E&D like the Mac software unit, mobile phone software, etc.

ATY3592d ago

So all Microsoft has to answer to the PS3 Slim is:

$200 Xbox 360 - no harddrive, no WiFi
$300 Xbox 360 - 60 gig drive, no Wifi
$400 Xbox 360 - 120 gig drive, black, no Wifi, HDMI cable

is changed to:

$200 Xbox 360 - no harddrive, no WiFi
$300 Xbox 360 - 120 gig drive, black, no Wifi

They've basically done nothing.

ATY3592d ago

It is crazy when you line up the 300 PS3 to the 300 Xbox 360:

Blu-Ray drive
Internal power supply
Much faster hardware - faster RAM, more powerful chips
Over the top internal cooling that is silent

Xbox 360:
Old DVD drive
External power supply
Weaker hardware
Standard(substandard many would say) cooling
No Wifi

Something is terribly wrong if Microsoft has to charge so much money. The old DVD drive alone should make the 360 cheaper than the PS3 alone. Then the Wifi and the 360 should easily be 100 bucks less than the PS3. And then if you move on to the poor quality components and design one would think the 360 shouldn't be any more than 100-150 bucks for what they are offering.

Sibs3592d ago

Don't all 360s come with a month of gold membership free? I might be wrong, but that is probably what that means.

Kushan3592d ago

Misleading ads? Why, Microsoft are just terrible! Why are they the only company on the planet to do this?!?!
Oh wait, they're not. Oh well, that's capitalism for you...

mynd3592d ago

@1.5-"When a console company plunges the entire division their product is in back into the red three years into its life, it's desperation."

As opposed to what? Never getting out of the red at all, then slashing the price in a last ditch attempt to garner decent market share??

You can gurantee Sonys going to be loosing more in this move than MS will this 1/4.

Death3591d ago

Microsoft has been profitable in their games division for a few years now. The Entertainment and Devices Division houses quite a few products. Devices like the Zune haven't been as successful as the Xbox 360. Even at $199 and $299 the Xbox 360 hardware is making a profit along with the money made with software and services. A $299 Xbox 360 isn't something new, the Pro which is identical hardwarewise has been $299 for the last year. The ELite is the same exact thing with a larger HDD. Surely you don't think Microsoft loses money on the HDD do you?

The PS3 has been losing money since day one on hardware. $299 is a great price for fans and new customers, but isn't doing much for Sony's bottom line. The gamble Sony is making is that new console sales will also bring in enough software sales to justify the loss on hardware. This move is intended to jumpstart the Playstation brand in a very big way. If that doesn't happen it will show on their next quarterly financial statement.


gameplayer3591d ago

Death, you are a breath of fresh air in this sea of retards.

silvacrest3591d ago

no body gives a sh!t about how many price cuts there have been

only how much it has been cut by and which is the cheapest

the 360 should get honorable mentions for that

FlatulentGhost3591d ago

"Microsoft has been profitable in their games division for a few years now."

Why would someone make such an blatant lie?

Microsoft lost almost 2 billion dollars in the Entertainment and Devices Division in 2007.

They just barely were above break even in 2008.

Death3591d ago

First Quarter 2008 which began July 2007.

Third Quarter for Fiscal 2007 ending March of 2008.

First quarter 2009 which began July 2008

Microsoft Financial Statement for Fiscal 2008 and 2009

If you read the statement you will see the Entertainment and Devices Division showed a (loss) for the last quarter for both fiscal years, but showed a profit for the entire fiscal year 2008 and 2009.

Fiscal 2007 was ugly due to the 1 billion warranty extension which crippled the EDD for the year. Fiscal 2006 and 2007 seen the charges for both the Zune and Xbox 360 launches.

Fiscal 2006 shows a loss of 5,122,000,000 (five billion, 122 million)
Fiscal 2007 shows a loss of 5,193,000,000 (five billion, 193 million)
Fiscal 2008 shows a gain of 497,000,000 (Four hundred and 97 million)
Fiscal 2009 shows a gain of 169,000,000 (One hundred and 69 million)

My corrected statement should read, Microsofts Gaming Division has been profitable for a couple years now, not few. I stand corrected.


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shadowmoses6233592d ago

Nope more like it was a sign of fear from M$.

skeletonss3592d ago

saying its out of fear. Than what was sonys price cut from than? Stop being a dumb fanboy.

v1c1ous3592d ago

was strategy, not desperation. Microsoft's 1st price cut 2 years into it IS a sign of desperation.

know the difference.

The-Warranty3592d ago

M$ price cuts are always awfully close after sony's

just sayin....

ceedubya93592d ago

Yeah it was strategy. It was a strategy to not let the competition completely run away from them!

Who the heck has so many price cuts and console revisions in such a short amount of time without a really good reason? I SERIOUSLY doubt it was Sony's strategy to make the PS3 cheaper so quickly.

If the PS3 was flying off of shelves at 600 bucks, don't think that we probably still wouldn't be seeing at least a 500 dollar PS3 slim right now.

-MD-3592d ago

So the PS3 slim is a sign of fear from Sony right?

FlipMode3592d ago

No a ps3 slim was to cut production costs and lower the price

-MD-3592d ago

Oh so whenever Microsoft lowers their price it's a sign of desperation but when Sony does it it's just a smart business move.

It all makes sense now.

JokesOnYou3592d ago

So what you're saying is sony just suddenly made the slim to lower costs because they didn't like selling sooooo many ps3's at a higher price? You can't be serious.


FlipMode3592d ago

They weren't selling alot but they were selling the same as micro at twice the price

Kushan3592d ago

"the 3 price cuts within sony's first year was strategy, not desperation. Microsoft's 1st price cut 2 years into it IS a sign of desperation."

WTF? I know fanboys love to bend the truth, but this is stupid logic. When have you ever seen a console on the market for 2 years WITHOUT a price cut? It's the nature of the business to lower the price once in a while to stir up sales. Sony did it with the PS1 and the PS2, but of course that was strategy, but when MS does it, it's desperation?
Tell me something, if MS is so desperate, why are they pitching the elite, a console capable of less, with no wifi or blu-ray, at the same price as a PS3? If anything, it sounds to me like Microsoft is extremely confident.

mynd3592d ago

@2.2 "the 3 price cuts within sony's first year
was strategy, not desperation. Microsoft's 1st price cut 2 years into it IS a sign of desperation. "

What? The stratergy was to loose 3.5 billion dollars?

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OmarJA3592d ago

I'll wait for the 9.99$ 360 bundle & maybe i'll consider buying one...

*Hugs PS3*.

OmarJA3592d ago

54.2% & no games...

Jump Out.

-MD-3592d ago

"no games"

Xbox 360 - 688 games
PS3 - 387 games

cryymoar3592d ago

That's all shovelware.
Care to bring the Wii and the DS into this argument since obviously more games = better console?

Maybe if it was 10 games vs 20 games your logic might slide,
but are you really going to play 600+ games on your xbox?
Probably not. It's the PS3 that has the AAA games coming out all year long. Unlike your xbox360 coming out with ZERO AAA exclusive games in 2009.

Quality > Quantity!

Perhaps your logic is the reason why you bought an xbox360 instead of a PS3.

"Mommy, more people buy xbox's because they are so cheap. buy me one pleeeeease! I'll cut the grass to pay for the online!"

-MD-3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I don't think anybody said anything about shovelware or game ratings. He said the PS3 has more games which is obviously a lie.

And no it's not shovelware there are 355 Xbox 360 games above 70% meta and 231 PS3 games above 70%.

Not only does the 360 has MORE quality games overall it also nearly doubles the Playstations library.

Go ahead spin it.

"Perhaps your logic is the reason why you bought an xbox360 instead of a PS3." I bought both consoles so this makes you look like a fool.

Saaking3592d ago

So you've bought all of those 600 games murderdolls? At most each gen I'll buy 80-100 games. 360+ games is good, besides the 360 came out 1 year earlier.

-MD-3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

"o you've bought all of those 600 games murderdolls?"

Where did I say that again?

Edit: You spend $6000+ in games every 7 years?

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Shadow Man3592d ago

A $300 elite will probably help Microsoft fight the slim.

ArcticWolfUK3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

do the maths.
a console with - free online, built in wifi, upgradable HDD, Blu-Ray Drive, Bluetooth Support, Wireless Controllers, Web Browser, loads of exclusives.


a console with 120gb max hdd, no blu-ray(you get a out of date HD DVD Player), no wifi(sold seperately $100), wireless controllers (sold seperately £20) Online Costs $50 a year, no bluetooth, no web browser, not many exclusive games, 52% Failure rate

both same price...
what would you buy???
you'll have to be a complete retard to buy the xbox now lol

someone cant face facts lol

ArcticWolfUK3592d ago

does it still come with built in RROD?